International Chicken Wing Day

International Chicken Wing Day - Monday, July 29, 2024

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It doesn’t seem to matter where you go, chicken wings are finding themselves onto every conceivable menu around the world.  There seems to be as many variations on a theme as there are cuisines to go with them, from parmesan garlic crispy wings to honey barbecue wings with a soft rich breading, there is no limit to what these delicious bits of bird flesh can make better.

With such variety available, it’s unsurprising that they have become so popular as a snack food for everything from celebrating huge sports events, to birthday parties, and even weddings.  It’s so easy to coordinate this dish with anything else you happen to be serving!   Cooking Mexican?  Then soak them in a chili sauce and light your mouth afire, preparing Italian, the parmesan Garlic wings mentioned earlier are perfect, and this is just a beginning.

How to celebrate International Chicken Wing Day

You’ll be happy to hear that the best way to observe International Chicken Wing Day is by, quite simply, eating a ton of chicken wings!  Get a bunch of friends together and challenge each of them to come up with a unique and interesting variation on this versatile food.  If not in your own backyard then have everyone get together at one of the growing numbers of stores and chains that carry these sometimes mouth-searing treats, and eat them out of business!

Chicken Wings can be prepared in a number of ways, though they are traditionally fried.  But what are traditions for if not breaking?  The most popular of all wings, the Buffalo Wing, set the standard for them, breaded, fried, and tossed in a delicious spicy sauce.  But baking and even slow cooking have become popular methods of preparation.  Below are a few recipes to try for your own International Chicken Wing Day celebration.

These two recipes will give you a great start to your International Chicken Wing Day celebration, and serve as a fantastic base for many others to come.

The Hawaiian Lime Chicken wings are a great base for any recipe, you just have to change what you toss them in after the fry, and voila, a new creation! 

Don’t be afraid to try new things, there’s not really such a thing as a bad chicken wing!

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