The Latest List of Meat Holidays 2024

We Love Meat Holidays! Here are 32 Meat holidays in this year 2024. There are pretty of activities to go around. We are celebrating our tradition and culture that deserve their own special moment. Luckily, we have got a few specifically reasons to show our friends some extra love.

Date Holiday Tags
January 14 Tuesday
Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day BreadFood & DrinkMeat
March 3 Monday
Cold Cuts Day Cold Cuts Day Food & DrinkMeat
March 7 Friday
Crown Roast of Pork Day Crown Roast of Pork Day Food & DrinkMeat
March 9 Sunday
Meatball Day Meatball Day Food & DrinkMeat
Crabmeat Day Crabmeat Day Food & DrinkMeat
April 24 Thursday
Pig In A Blanket Day Pig In A Blanket Day Food & DrinkMeatPigs
April 27 Sunday
Prime Rib Day Prime Rib Day Food & DrinkMeat
May 7 Wednesday
Roast Leg of Lamb Day Roast Leg of Lamb Day Food & DrinkMeat
May 20 Tuesday
Quiche Lorraine Day Quiche Lorraine Day CheeseFood & DrinkMeatPastry
May 28 Wednesday
Hamburger Day Hamburger Day BreadFood & DrinkMeat
National Brisket Day National Brisket Day Food & BeverageAmerican foodBBQFoodMeat
National Hamburger Day National Hamburger Day Food & BeverageAmerican foodComfort FoodFast FoodFoodMeat
Brisket Day Brisket Day Food & DrinkMeat
June 2 Monday
Rotisserie Chicken Day Rotisserie Chicken Day Food & DrinkMeat
June 5 Thursday
Sausage Roll Day Sausage Roll Day Food & DrinkMeatPastry
June 11 Wednesday
Jerky Day Jerky Day Food & DrinkMeat
July 4 Thursday
Barbecue Day Barbecue Day Food & DrinkMeat
Spareribs Day Spareribs Day Food & DrinkMeat
July 6 Saturday
Fried Chicken Day Fried Chicken Day Food & DrinkMeat
July 15 Monday
Orange Chicken Day Orange Chicken Day Food & DrinkMeat
July 29 Monday
International Chicken Wing Day International Chicken Wing Day Food & DrinkMeat
Lasagna Day Lasagna Day CheeseFood & DrinkMeatPastaVegetarian & Vegan
July 30 Tuesday
Chili Dog Day Chili Dog Day BreadFood & DrinkMeat
September 7 Saturday
Salami Day Salami Day Food & DrinkMeat
October 12 Saturday
Pulled Pork Day Pulled Pork Day Food & DrinkMeat
National Pulled Pork Day National Pulled Pork Day Food & BeverageCookingMeat
December 18 Wednesday
Roast Suckling Pig Day Roast Suckling Pig Day AnimalsFood & DrinkMeatPigs
December 30 Monday
Bacon Day Bacon Day Food & DrinkMeat
February 1 Saturday
Hot Breakfast Month Hot Breakfast Month BreadEggsFood & DrinkMeat
May 1 Thursday
National Hamburger Month National Hamburger Month Food & BeverageAmerican foodCulturalMeat
September 1 Sunday
Chicken Month Chicken Month AnimalsFood & DrinkMeat
October 1 Tuesday
Vegetarian Month Vegetarian Month Food & BeverageHealthy FoodMeat