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Melon Day - Friday, August 9, 2024

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Cantaloupe, Honeydew, and Galia Melons, just to name a few. These are the fruits we celebrate on Melon Day, a day dedicated to all forms of muskmelon, and one in particular. If you’re a lover of fresh crisp melon on a hot day, then you already know why it deserves a day of its own. But let us tell you of the Turkmenbashi melon, a melon of pride in Turkmenistan.

Learn about Melon Day

Melon Day has been designed to pay tribute to this tasty ingredient. As mentioned, it started off as a holiday in Turkmenistan. However, it has now been honored in many different places around the world. If you are someone who enjoys eating this tasty fruit in any sort of variety, you can definitely celebrate Melon Day. You may even want to use this date as an opportunity to try a variety of melon that you have never tried before. 

The Turkmenbashi melon, in particular, has been praised for its large size, taste, and aroma. It is a type of muskmelon. Other varieties of muskmelon include casaba, Crenshaw, and the ever-popular Honeydew. They are characterised by their smooth skin. 

There are a lot of different benefits that are associated with eating muskmelons. This includes the fact that they promote good digestion. They also regulate blood pressure, promote hair growth, improve skin healthy, and they are good for eyesight and also immunity. These fruits are also very hydrating and they are filled with different nutrients. So, not only do they taste good, but they are going to add so many benefits to your diet.

This is why it makes sense to use Melon Day as the perfect opportunity to indulge in this super tasty and highly beneficial fruit. You can even spend some time learning a little bit more about different kinds of melons, finding out where they have come from and the sort of benefits they provide.

History of Melon Day

Turkmenistan? Where is Turkmenistan we hear you ask, and what does it have to do with melons? Turkmenistan is a Central Asian country on the shores of the Caspian Sea and has spent the majority of its lifespan as the crossroads of civilization. In its time it has served as an important trade stop between the West and the East, and its city of Merv was of great import on the silk road.

In 1994 an auspicious event happened in Turkmenistan, the establishment of Melon Day by its first president, Saparmurat Niyazov. The Turkembashi melon was named for his preferred name “Turkembashi”, which meant “Leader of the Turkmens.” In a speech praising the fertility of the Turkmenistan soil and the farmers who worked it, he raised the Turkmen melon as being a fruit so delicious it was a taste of paradise. Melon Day is your opportunity to share in a taste of paradise and to celebrate this countries unique history, and the fruit that is its pride and joy.

How to celebrate Melon Day

The best way to celebrate Melon Day is with a delicious blend of melons cut up in a salad, at least as a starter! You can also create a blend of melon and yogurt to enjoy the two creamy mixture together. Want to try something unusual? Try a honeydew blueberry soup, which may sound complicated but is truly a simple affair.

You take a single honeydew melon and a cup of blueberries and mix then together in a blender till smooth (Do remove the honeydew from its rind first) and allow it to chill in the refrigerator. Then you simply have to take a bowlful and crumble an oatmeal cookie over it! Delicious!

There are a lot of exciting desserts that you can make on Melon Day, with influences from all round the world. This includes melon boats with cinnamon and ginger syrup, fruit salad, and much more. We like to look at Asian cookbooks and recipe websites for inspiration as well.

One exciting dessert that we stumbled across was a Glutinous Rice Fresh Melon and Coconut Roll, which is a traditional Chinese dessert with a contemporary twist. Of course, rice plays an imperative part in Chinese culture. This ingredient has been brought to life with the refreshing melon and distinct flavor of coconut, which both complement each other really well.

We have also seen melon used as an ingredient in a lot of starters as well. Melon is also a popular ingredient in salads. We saw a tasty recipe online for a Five Shade Turkey Salad, which consisted of red pepper, cashew nuts, melon, papaya, dragon fruit, scallion, and a sweet peanut sauce. There are plenty of other ways that melon can be used in a salad.

For example, team it with wild rocket, pecorino, and prosciutto for a recipe that never fails. If you are hosting a dinner party, melon with Parma ham is an appetizer that never fails. It is simple but delicious. You can easily switch the Parma ham for Serrano ham or a different variety. Why not get some friends around for a dinner party on Melon Day and design a menu that has been inspired by this versatile ingredient?

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