The Latest List of Holidays 2024

We Love Holidays! Here are 53 holidays in this year 2024. There are pretty of activities to go around. We are celebrating our tradition and culture that deserve their own special moment. Luckily, we have got a few specifically reasons to show our friends some extra love.

Date Holiday Tags
January 3 Friday
National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day ChocolateFruits
Chocolate-Covered Cherry Day Chocolate-Covered Cherry Day ChocolateFood & DrinkFruit
January 9 Thursday
Apricot Day Apricot Day Food & DrinkFruit
January 13 Monday
Peach Melba Day Peach Melba Day DessertFood & DrinkFruit
February 23 Sunday
Banana Bread Day Banana Bread Day BreadFood & DrinkFruit
February 27 Thursday
Strawberry Day Strawberry Day Food & DrinkFruit
March 1 Saturday
Fruit Compote Day Fruit Compote Day Food & DrinkFruit
March 2 Sunday
Banana Cream Pie Day Banana Cream Pie Day DessertFood & DrinkFruit
March 24 Monday
Chocolate Covered Raisins Day Chocolate Covered Raisins Day ChocolateFood & DrinkFruit
April 21 Monday
Banana Day Banana Day Food & DrinkFruit
April 28 Monday
Blueberry Pie Day Blueberry Pie Day DessertFood & DrinkFruit
May 13 Tuesday
National Fruit Cocktail Day National Fruit Cocktail Day Food & BeverageFoodFruitHealthHealthy Food
May 16 Friday
National Mimosa Day National Mimosa Day Food & BeverageBeverageFruitLifestyleLiquor
May 20 Tuesday
Pick Strawberries Day Pick Strawberries Day Food & DrinkFruit
June 1 Sunday
National Olive Day National Olive Day Food & BeverageFoodFruitHealthy Food
June 6 Friday
Applesauce Cake Day Applesauce Cake Day BakingFood & DrinkFruit
June 17 Tuesday
Eat Your Vegetables Day Eat Your Vegetables Day Food & DrinkFruitVegetarian & Vegan
Apple Strudel Day Apple Strudel Day Food & DrinkFruit
Cherry Tart Day Cherry Tart Day Food & DrinkFruit
June 21 Saturday
Peaches ‘N’ Cream Day Peaches ‘N’ Cream Day DessertFood & DrinkFruit
National Smoothie Day National Smoothie Day Food & BeverageFitnessFoodFruitHealthHealthy FoodLifestyleVegetable
June 25 Tuesday
Strawberry Parfait Day Strawberry Parfait Day Food & DrinkFruit
June 27 Thursday
Pineapple Day Pineapple Day Food & DrinkFruit
July 4 Thursday
Jackfruit Day Jackfruit Day Food & DrinkFruit
July 5 Friday
Apple Turnover Day Apple Turnover Day BakingFood & DrinkFruit
July 7 Sunday
Strawberry Sundae Day Strawberry Sundae Day DessertFood & DrinkFruitIce Cream
National Strawberry Sundae Day National Strawberry Sundae Day Food & BeverageDessertFoodFruitIce CreamSweet Food
July 11 Thursday
Blueberry Muffin Day Blueberry Muffin Day BakingFood & DrinkFruit
July 17 Wednesday
Peach Ice Cream Day Peach Ice Cream Day Food & DrinkFruitIce Cream
July 22 Monday
Mango Day Mango Day Food & DrinkFruit
July 31 Wednesday
National Avocado Day National Avocado Day Food & BeverageCookingFoodFruitHealthy Food
August 1 Thursday
Raspberry Cream Pie Day Raspberry Cream Pie Day CakeFood & DrinkFruit
August 3 Saturday
National Watermelon Day National Watermelon Day Food & BeverageFoodFruit
Watermelon Day Watermelon Day Food & DrinkFruit
August 9 Friday
Melon Day Melon Day Food & DrinkFruit
August 22 Thursday
Eat A Peach Day Eat A Peach Day Food & DrinkFruit
August 24 Saturday
Peach Pie Day Peach Pie Day BakingFood & DrinkFruit
August 27 Tuesday
Banana Lovers Day Banana Lovers Day Food & DrinkFruitHerb
September 16 Monday
National Pawpaw Day National Pawpaw Day Fruit
September 26 Thursday
Better Breakfast Day Better Breakfast Day Food & BeverageBreakfastCookingFamilyFruitsHealthy FoodLifestyle
October 21 Monday
Apple Day Apple Day ApplesBody & HealthFood & DrinkFruit
October 31 Thursday
​National Caramel Apple Day ​National Caramel Apple Day Food & BeverageCandyFoodFruit
November 23 Saturday
Eat A Cranberry Day Eat A Cranberry Day Food & DrinkFruit
December 1 Sunday
Eat A Red Apple Day Eat A Red Apple Day Food & DrinkFruit
December 27 Friday
Fruitcake Day Fruitcake Day BakingCakeFood & DrinkFruit
February 1 Saturday
National Cherry Month National Cherry Month Food & BeverageFoodFruit
May 1 Thursday
National Strawberry Month National Strawberry Month Food & BeverageFruitHealthy Food
June 1 Saturday
National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month Food & BeverageFruitHealthHealthy FoodVegetable
August 1 Thursday
Peach Month Peach Month Food & DrinkFruit
September 1 Sunday
National Papaya Month National Papaya Month Food & BeverageFoodFruit
November 1 Friday
Banana Pudding Lovers Month Banana Pudding Lovers Month Food & BeverageCookingDessertFoodFruitSweet Food
Pomegranate Month Pomegranate Month Food & DrinkFruit
December 1 Sunday
Pear Month Pear Month Food & DrinkFruit