Orange Blossom Day

Orange Blossom Day - Thursday, June 27, 2024

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As far as delicate, fragrant flowers go, the orange blossom has got to be near the top of the list of the world’s most favorite. Frequently used in perfumes, this flower has long been believed to bring good fortune and as such is often seen in bouquets and wreaths at weddings.

Orange blossom petals can also be used to make orange flower water, which is an alternative to the perhaps better known rose water, and is often used in culinary arts to make desserts and some tasty cakes.

Today is about observing the versatility of this fragrant flower, and perhaps finding out a little more about what it has to offer.

History of Orange Blossom Day

The orange blossom flower has been a part of traditional medicine and perfumes for generations, and it’s showing no signs of dropping out of favor these days.

As the flower of the citrus sinensis – that’s an orange tree to me and you – it’s a widely available ingredient and a pretty, delicate white flower.

In French and Middle Eastern cuisine, it shows up quite frequently as an ingredient – in the orange flower water incarnation mentioned above, and some really tasty cakes and treats are made from it.

In the United States, the orange flower water is often used to make the teatime cake of scones, but it’s also found in recipes for the chewy treat of marshmallows.

This flower can be the base of a honey too – orange blossom honey can be created quite simply by beekeepers putting their beehives into citrus groves around the time that the little flowers start to bloom. The flavor in the resultant honey is very distinctive and this makes it a highly sought after sweet treat.

Blossoms which have fallen from the tree can be dried and used to make tea – this is done particularly in Spain.

How to celebrate Orange Blossom Day

Have you ever used orange blossom in your cooking or baking? Today would be a great day to try!

Orange blossom water is usually available to buy in stores or online pre-made, so you don’t have to worry about messing around with the leaves of the plant and can get straight to baking!

Orange blossom oils can also be used to make your own perfumes and room fragrances, or you could put a few drops into your homemade soaps and moisturizers for a truly luxurious orange blossom treat!

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