Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day - Thursday, June 27, 2024

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Armed Forces Day, observed in June of every year, was created to give everyone the opportunity to show their support and gratitude for those who are currently serving in the armed forces, and those who have done in the past.

This support and gratitude is not just for those who serve currently, too – it’s also a shoutout to their families and the families of veterans.

Armed Forces Day sees local communities coming together to celebrate everything that makes that armed forces great and to say a great thank you for their dedicated and loyal service.

History of Armed Forces Day

The morale boost that members of the armed forces get from days like this is invaluable and reminds the families and loved ones of armed forces members why it’s so important.

Armed forces members protect their country, and provide some incredible work around the world – including delivering aid to worn-torn countries, offering security to vulnerable people, fighting the threat of terrorism and ultimately promoting peace.

The British Armed Forces is one of the country’s oldest institutions, comprising of the Royal Navy, the British Air Force, the Royal Marines and the British Army. There is no conscription in the United Kingdom, but anyone above the age of 16 may join.

Although the Armed Forces do predominantly protect the country, a large amount of the work they do today is overseas – particularly working in humanitarian aid efforts and helping to protect civilians in warring countries.

The peril that comes with working in war zones overseas does mean that often these brave men and women have to put their lives on the line – and today recognizes the great sacrifices these people make to ensure the safety of others.

How to observe Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day is not meant to be a charitable event itself, but there are a number of charities which accept donations for members of the armed forces and for their families. Today, perhaps you could offer your support to them by donating.

You could also set up a small event in your community, perhaps to raise some money for the aforementioned charities, or take part in on of the many big and exciting events taking part across the country today.

If you have social media accounts, make sure you show your support by sharing information of the day and any local events with your followers and friends, using the hashtag #armedforcesday.

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