Plant a Lemon Tree Day

Plant a Lemon Tree Day - Friday, May 16, 2025

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Lemons are fantastic! They’re used in making some delightful beverages (lemonade, pink lemonade, raspberry lemonade, ok… You’re probably seeing a theme here.), and are also used in some of the most powerful cleaners on the market.

On top of that, they smell absolutely fantastic! Plant A Lemon Tree Day encourages you to plant a lemon tree in your neighborhood (or in a greenhouse if you’re in a cold climate) so that everyone can share the glories of a public lemon tree!

History of Plant A Lemon Tree Day

Plant a Lemon Tree Day was established to help bring lemon trees to communities everywhere. Lemons are a delicious and multi-purpose fruit that can bring good health, fresh smells, and pure cleanliness everywhere you go.

Lemon can be used for all sorts of amazing things, including cooking sushi! Didn’t know sushi was cooked? Surprise! Sushi just isn’t cooked using heat, instead, acids are introduced into the food to help cook it.

Green lemons and limes are particularly good for this task, and with the growing popularity of sushi, having a lemon tree on hand would be incredibly handy.

Lemon trees can also serve as a social spot for people all throughout a community. Trees can produce a lot of lemons, far more than anyone family could use, so having one in a public location will allow everyone to stop by and pick a lemon for their own use.

The shade can also serve as an amazing place to gather and get to know your neighbors. Plant a Lemon Tree Day brings many things to your neighborhood, including fresh tree-ripened lemon!

How to celebrate Plant A Lemon Tree Day

Well, to start off with you plant a lemon tree! Of course, you’re going to want to stop and talk to your local authorities to ensure that you’re not breaking any laws. You may even be able to convince them to install a park bench or two under the place where the tree will grow, so that your neighbours, and generations to come, can enjoy sitting underneath a lemon tree heavy with your own lemons.

Perhaps the best way to celebrate it is to set up a lemonade stand, where people get free lemon seeds with every cup, already planted in little planter cups ready to be put down wherever a lemon tree needs to grow!

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