World Fish Migration Day

World Fish Migration Day - Friday, May 16, 2025

Many migratory fish species are severely threatened. The main causes are man-made obstacles like dams, weirs, and sluices, which disrupt the natural flow of rivers and prevent fish migration. Many fish need to migrate to reproduce, feed and complete their life cycles. Migratory species make up a crucial link in the food chain and play an important ecological role in productive river systems. Furthermore, they provide an important food supply and livelihood for millions of people around the world.

In order to bring global attention to these facts about fish migration as well as the needs and importance of connected natural river networks, the World Fish Migration Day was initiated by a partnership of 6 organizations. The WFMD is also sponsored and supported by many non-profit organizations and private companies. Our Partners and Sponsors can be found here.

What is World Fish Migration Day?

The concept of WFMD is that organizations from around the world volunteer to organize their own event around the common theme of CONNECTING FISH, RIVERS, AND PEOPLE. By working together we can improve our impact on raising awareness, sharing ideas, securing commitments. By doing so, we create a greater driving force, which will allow for easier management, conservation, and rehabilitation of migratory fish stocks.

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