Turkey Free Thanksgiving

Turkey Free Thanksgiving - Tuesday, November 26, 2024

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Most people don’t have as much turkey except for one special day in the year. That holiday is Thanksgiving. However, many people wouldn’t consider not having turkey as an alternative.

Despite the straying away from tradition, turkey-free Thanksgiving is an excellent way to celebrate this American holiday. Let’s learn what Turkey-Free Thanksgiving is all about and how you can change up your dinner routine.

History of Turkey Free Thanksgiving

Turkey wasn’t originally part of the traditional Thanksgiving meal. According to historians, turkey may not even have been on the menu for the first Thanksgiving, which dates back to New England in November 1621, when newly arrived Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians gathered for an autumn harvest celebration.

While turkey was plentiful, the fowl that were commonly consumed were ducks, geese, pigeons, and swans. Historians at Smithsonian believe that wildfowl and venison were some of the first foods to appear at the Thanksgiving table.

So how did the United States come to love and accept turkey as the primary bird for eating? Turkey was more widely introduced in the 19th century based off of the New England harvests. Local cooks would modify their recipes because they found the bird delightful and necessary.

Turkey, unlike other birds, is large enough that they can feed a large family and didn’t serve as much utilitarian purpose like laying eggs that many families ran on to function. As for the idea of eating turkey free? That idea came from current movements such as vegetarians and cruelty-free advocates who notice the amount of bird we eat during this day.

While turkey is now a common stable of this holiday, there can be many variations to the dinner menu, including ideas such as prime rib, Cornish hens, porchetta, and roasted duck.

How to celebrate Turkey Free Thanksgiving

One of the best ways to take part in this holiday is to not have a turkey this year. Change it up by switching to duck, hen, or goose this year. If you don’t want a bird, try having a prime rib or a beef tip this year.

Want to try something wild? Try turducken or even go for seafood as your main course. If you like the change of pace, hashtag #turkeyfreethanksgiving on social media and share with your friends how delicious your meal is this year.

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