National Cake Day

National Cake Day - Sunday, November 26, 2023

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“Let Them Eat Cake” 

For 2020, National Cake Day is on Tuesday, November 26. We believe Marie Antoinette said it best when she (allegedly) said “let them eat cake!”

We’re not sure the peasants of 18th century France were too fond of the sentiment but nevertheless we’ll take her advice do just that! 

“Let Them Eat Cake!” – A Real Quote from Marie Antoinette…Probably

What is National Cake Day?

Can’t wait for your birthday? Remember, National Cake Day falls on November 26. No one really knows how this holiday came about, but we all know that we all love to eat cake.
One Cake to Rule Them, One Cake to Burn the House Down
Birthday parties, wedding receptions, baby showers, bar/bat mitzvahs, quinceañeras, and pretty much any social event has cake for dessert. 

National Cake Day History

The term “cake” has a rather complicated history. The word itself is of Viking origin, from the Old Norse word “kaka.”

It’s All Greek to Me!

The ancient Greeks called cake “plakous,” which was derived from the word for “flat.” The simple ingredients include flour mixed with eggs, milk, nuts, and honey. They also had a cake called “satura,” which was a flat heavy cake. During the Roman period, the name for cake became “placenta,” which was derived from the Greek term. A placenta was baked on a pastry base or inside a pastry case.

Baklava is considered an “O.G. Cake” by all Major Historians
(The name placenta is still used today on the island of Lesbos in Greece to describe a baklava-type dessert of layered pastry leaves containing crushed nuts that is baked and then covered in honey.) 

When in Rome

The Greeks invented beer as a leavener, frying fritters in olive oil, and cheesecakes using goat’s milk. In ancient Rome the basic bread dough was sometimes enriched with butter, eggs, and honey, which produced a sweet and cake-like dessert.

Get Down(ton) With The Queen

Early cakes in England were also mainly bread. The most obvious differences between a “cake” and “bread” were the round, flat shape of the cakes, and the cooking method, which turned cakes over once while cooking, while bread was left upright throughout the baking process.
Sponge cakes, leavened with beaten eggs, originated during the Renaissance.

National Cake Day timeline


Cannabis cake?

Police in Germany investigate an 18-year-old woman who baked a marijuana-laced cake that wound up being served to guests at a funeral. The woman's family claims it was an accident.


The Great Cake Depression

Boxed cake sales plunge during the decade as consumers grow rather bored with the simplicity of it all. Consumers turn their attention to decorating their cakes instead. Colorful magazine photos of cakes provide inspiration for homemakers.


Cake in a box

The Great Depression creates a need to provide easily made food to millions of economically depressed Americans. One company patents a cake-bread mix to deal with this economic situation, thereby establishing the first example of cake in a box. Cake quickly becomes a mass-produced good rather than a homemade specialty — or something consumers purchased at bakeries.


Eggs replace yeast

Bakers turn away from using yeast as a raising agent for cakes — turning instead to beaten eggs. Once as much air as possible had been beaten in, the mixture would be poured into molds — either simple or elaborate.

National Cake Day FAQs

Is it National Cake Day today?

National Cake Day falls on November 26. This is always around Thanksgiving — making the two holidays a perfect match.

What is National Cupcake Day?

National Cupcake Day celebrates those mini cakes which take only three or four bites to eat. Cupcakes work well for any occasion — especially those involving kids.

Is there a National Brownie Day?

Yes. National Brownie Day falls on December 8. Brownies are generally richer and thicker than traditional cake. Most consumers turn to a store-bought mix to make brownies. They generally don’t have frosting.

National Cake Day Activities

  1. Bake a cake

    The most obvious and fun way to celebrate National Cake Day is by putting on an apron (or not if you wish to get flour all over your clothes), and preheat your oven! You can make one from scratch or use a little help from little box at the store.

  2. Invite your friends over for a cake decorating contest

    You provide the base and they provide the creativity. Invite your friends over for a night full of frosting and laughs, and judge the cakes by the best, worst, and most creative designs. 

  3. Let them eat cake (at work)

    Everyone loves a nice treat at work. Surprise your co-workers by bringing in a homemade or store-bought cake. When people ask what the occasion is, the answer is simple, "It's National Cake Day, duh!"

Why We Love National Cake Day

  1. There are so many options

    Cakes come in different shapes and sizes, and flavors! The options vary from chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, funfetti, and strawberry, to name a few. Not to mention the endless possibilities of frosting and filling!

  2. They're so moist

    Cakes are known for their fluffy, moist consistency. These traditional desserts deliver the perfect amount of sweetness (sugar), carbs, and butter— all the ingredients that make it so delicious.

  3. Decorations

    A cake is almost always covered in frosting and special decorations, which alone, is a cause for celebration. Any cake can have a traditional foundation that provides a canvas to get creative. There are even shows on TV which celebrate the art of cake decorating.

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