French Fried Clam Day

French Fried Clam Day - Friday, November 1, 2024

While many people’s first thoughts about clams drift to rich, creamy clam chowder, or having them served on the half-shell, there is a myriad of other ways to prepare clams. While crab cakes are certainly popular, perhaps the best way to consume this little shellfish is battered and fried in oil, where it comes out with a slightly chewy texture and a deliciously seasoned crispy crust. French Fried Clam Day is your opportunity to indulge in this oceanic treat as much as your heart desires, or can stand.

History of French Fried Clam Day

French Fried Clam Day was created to honor that most common of fried clam creations, the clam strip. First invented in the town of Ipswich by one Thomas Soffron, this Massachusetts born son would come to spread the joy and love of his clam strips throughout the nation, and the world. The perfect meeting of fish fries and shellfish, the clam strip is a great way to enjoy this, and outside of clam chowder is one of the only ways some people enjoy clams!

The thing that separates one fried clam recipe from the other is the breading, the secret lay in exactly what combination of herbs and spices are used to create that crunchy, flaky crust that comes out of the fryer golden brown. It’s fair to note that the other element is, of course, the quality of the clams. If you’ve never had fried clams, we suggest stopping by your nearest restaurant to indulge in the flavors they put forth.

How to Celebrate French Fried Clam Day

Celebrating French Fried Clam Day is nothing short of a deep fried seafood delight. Everywhere that has a reputation for seafood has a version of this available on their menu, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Once you’ve sampled a few of their particular flavor choices, you can go home and try to work up a recipe of your own! When dining out, we recommend sampling options from your average Long John Silver’s to the fanciest restaurants. Each of them will have a flavor all their own and a mix of ingredients that make the clam strips pop.

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