Go Cook For Your Pets Day

Go Cook For Your Pets Day - Friday, November 1, 2024

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We all love our pets, and Cook for Your Pets Day promises to take the indulgence of our pets to new levels. On this day, as a responsible owner who wishes to repay your pet’s loyalty and affection, you are encouraged to ditch the usual tinned nonsense you insist on feeding your furry friend and instead cook up a culinary delight which will tickle their taste buds like nothing before.

Have you ever felt your heart melt when you were frying up a steak or some meatballs, and your pet just stared at you as if you ask, “Why do you get to each such tasty things but I have to eat these dry pebbles?” Have you ever felt guilty that you get to eat fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, nuts, grains, and a plethora of tasty sweets and snacks, while your pet eats the exact same thing every single day?

If so, you will probably love this little holiday: Go Cook For Your Pets Day. Cooking for yourself can offer many benefits—it’s cheaper than dining at restaurants every day, not to mention how much more control it gives you over what you put into your body—now’s time for you to see how much fun it can be to cook for your pets, too! And needless to say, your little friends are sure to be pretty thrilled as well.

History of Go Cook For Your Pets Day

Go Cook For Your Pets Day was invented by the folks over there at cookforyourpets.com who thought it was high time that pet owners started paying more attention to their furry friends’ nutrition. Our pets, they believe, deserve this bit of extra love and attention for all of the joy they bring to out lives, and it’s hard not to agree with them. Cookforyourpets.com even has a pledge on their site that you can sign promising to set some time aside this November 1st to cook up something tasty especially for your pets. And when you do, you get some of their more popular recipes sent right to your inbox!

How to Celebrate Go Cook For Your Pets Day

This special day is all about promoting good nutrition among our beloved pets in order to improve their health and standard of living…and if that’s not an honorable cause, what is? There are plenty of recipes to choose from, both from cookforyourpets.com and many other sites, so basically, the sky’s the limit. There are, however, a few things you should keep in mind, because animals are much more sensitive to certain ingredients than people are, and could even be seriously harmed by consuming them. So remember:

  • Don’t season your pets’ food—you may love oregano, thyme and cloves, but your pets don’t need them, and they could even cause their stomachs to be upset.
  • Don’t change your pets’ diets overnight. Make the change from one type of food to another gradually, so they can get used to it.
  • If your pets have any sort of health condition, consult a vet before feeding them anything new.
  • Avoid feeding your pets garlic, onions, moldy or spoiled foods, salt, alcohol, coffee, tea, yeast and chocolate. You should also watch out for milk and milk-based products, as they could wreak havoc on their digestive systems.

So get cooking and create some delectable treats or dishes for your pet to make this national day a day to remember!

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