National Coaches Day

National Coaches Day - Sunday, October 6, 2024

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No question: parents and teachers play a defining role in shaping a young person’s life. But let’s not forget about the coaches — especially on National Coaches Day October 6.

U.S. Olympic soccer gold medalist Julie Foudy once said that sports not only build better athletes, but also better people. She should know. The lessons learned in athletic competition translate perfectly to all aspects of life. That’s because nearly all of the traits we associate as “positive” in other people play a crucial role in sports as well. Confidence. Communication. Teamwork. We won’t succeed on the field, in the office, or at home without them. The world’s best coaches, from Little League all the way to the World Cup, exemplify this winning tradition.


Here at National Today, we are thrilled to partner with FlipGive to bring you National Coaches Day in both the U.S. and Canada on October 6. The free app, launched in 2016, has transformed the way youth sports teams across North America raise money. FlipGive has devised partnerships with hundreds of national brands to provide cash back from purchases made through its platform. That way, teams earn money when they shop with their favorite brands for groceries, gas, clothes, equipment, meals out, travel and more.

NT News: National Coaches Day contest seeks all-star motivators

“We have only scratched the surface of what is possible in the world of team sport and club fundraising,” says FlipGive co-founder and CEO Mark Bachman. So far over 35,000 teams and clubs have used the app to raise $20 million through everyday purchases at favorite retailers and restaurants.  The list include Apple, Under Armour, Walmart, Home Depot, Nike, and Buffalo Wild Wings.

FlipGive makes the process simple with these three steps: 

  1. Create your team (see $20 bonus offer below)
  2. Invite your teammates
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You can also earn by using FlipGive to plan team events and even accept donations. 

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The Search for FlipGive’s “Coaches of the Year”

Who’s America’s best youth coach? Perhaps she (or he) is coaching your team! FlipGive’s on a mission to find the three top coaches who (literally) go the extra mile to help their players succeed on and off the field. Do you know one who’s not only a role model, but cultivates a love of the game within each player? Submit the nomination form between October 6 and October 20. Create a glowing description of your coach in 250 words or less. FlipGive will award the winner $1,000 for their team!

FlipGive bonus offer

The app includes a special deal for National Coaches Day: If you sign up and create a team now, you’ll receive a $20 bonus. Read on to learn more about all the ways FlipGive can help your team and, most importantly, your kids!

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National Coaches Day timeline


Bill Russell

The Boston Celtics make Russell the NBA's first black head coach. He not only coached during his final three seasons, he also played. Russell won two of his 11 NBA championships as a player-coach — which is unheard of today.


First ​National Coaches Day

​President Richard Nixon signs a proclamation declaring October 6 as National Coaches Day. It states: "Coaches are highly qualified teachers—in highly specialized fields. But more than that, they are friends and counselors who help instill in their players important attitudes that will serve them all their lives."


"Do you believe in miracles?"

U.S. Olympic Men's Hockey Coach Herb Brooks shocks the sports world buy guiding the Americans to a win over the heavily favored Soviet Union in a semifinal game. Brooks' team consists entirely of amateur players.


FlipGive gets innovative

FlipGive becomes the first internationally certified "B Corporation," using its free team funding app to harness the power of business as a force for kids.



FlipGive reaches the $20 million mark for funds raised through its platform

The FlipGive 5: Cool Coaching Tips

  1. Keep it fun, Coach

    Younger kids are often not as competitively driven and are looking to have fun rather than win a championship. By making practices fun with drills disguised as games, your kids will feel like they’re playing, while learning the basics and fundamentals of the sport.

  2. Tough practice? Have a plan B

    If you’re dealing with rowdy kids, have a backup activity in mind. That way you can make sure to keep things under control — and you’ll remain the authority figure on the field.

  3. Pamper the parents

    Kids often take many cues about what adults to trust by who their parents trust.If possible, find out how the kids are doing in school, what their other interests are, and if they have any special needs that should be addressed on the field.

  4. Star power doesn't work

    Go ahead and recognize your outstanding players, but but don’t put other players down or ignore them. In youth sports, everyone needs support and encouragement regardless of ability. This type of coaching boosts confidence in your players and makes sure everyone feels included. In other words, let everyone pitch an inning — or take some shots — along the way.

  5. Winning only goes so far

    Kids develop social cues from the adults around them. Stay calm and composed in the face of loss. That will help instill good sportsmanship in them for the future.

National Coaches Day Activities

  1. Let your kids' coaches, well, coach

    Certain parents have a long history of getting "too" involved in their kids' teams. Watch your boundaries. Coaches need to make tough decisions as far as playing time and strategy. Try to resist overstepping unless you see something really wrong. And consult with other parents get a reality check.

  2. Get in the game

    Volunteer to coach if you have expertise in a certain sport. Some leagues might allow you to get involved even if you don't have kids on the team. Watching young players learn, improve, and grow can change their life — and yours.

  3. Support your team

    Perhaps nothing's more important than your enthusiasm. What's the point of your young slugger smacking a two-run triple if no one's there to jump up and down and yell "woo-hoo"? Ask any pro athlete about inspiration, and they'll likely mention their parents — as well as their coaches.

Why We Love National Coaches Day

  1. Sports are transformative

    Kids who engage in sports have more success in school, feel physically fit, collaborate and communicate better with their peers, and have more successful careers. Stats for youth sports show that the average cost to play is over $1,000 per child each season. By helping fund the game, FlipGive hopes to contribute to our kids' lives.

  2. We need this now more than ever

    Political pressures, including a reduction in governmental spending on recreational sports for schools and communities, make this a perilous time for our young athletes. Plus, tech has a way of stealing kids' attention. Fact: millions of kids are way less active today than they were just five years ago.

  3. FlipGive can help ease parental challenges

    Many parents take out loans in order to finance their kids' athletic pursuits. Others will only focus on one sport, which can limit a child's choices. And in the most drastic (and all too frequent) cases, parents decide to "sit it out" altogether. FlipGive helps parents generate funds while shopping for things they would normally buy, allowing them to earn money for their teams without borrowing money.

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