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Move More Month - April 2025

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What is National Move More Month?

National Move More Month is every April and the objective of this month is clear and simple: get up and move! Created by the American Heart Association as a way to help improve health of Americans everywhere, National Move Month is aimed at getting more of us to hit 10,000 steps everyday or, even better, to hit that 20-minutes of aerobic exercise mark everyday. 

History of National Move More Month

The benefits of living an active lifestyle have been known since antiquity. Cicero said many things, but he also said that it is exercise alone that supports the spirits, and keeps the mind in vigor.” The Romans prized physical fitness, especially among their well-trained armies.
Since then exercise has evolved into the complex science we now know it. But this month isn’t so much about perfecting a form of exercise to Olympic-standards but simply embracing the foundations that movement and living an active lifestyle are key components to being a healthier person. In fact, in the 1950s  a study of bus conductors versus bus drivers who didn’t have any additional exercise regimens beyond work found that conductors (who are much more active than the sedentary drivers) suffered less from heart disease and other health conditions. Even just being more active at work is a proven way to reduce cardiovascular disease.
Regardless of whether you choose the ancient art of hurling a discuss or the more modern takes on weightlifting and calisthenics, getting out and moving more during the month of April is what’s important – even if it’s just walking for a half hour everyday. 

Move More Month timeline


Manpo-kei becomes okay

In 1965 Y. Hatano created a pedometer based on the concept of 10,000 steps a day (what manpo-kei roughly translates to). Twenty years later in 1985, the research was finally accepted as being scientifically sound that 10,000 steps a day is the rough approximation for which humans experience health benefits from walking. 


Founding of American Heart Association

In 1924, six cardiologists in New York founded the American Heart Association, dedicated to publishing and educating the public on their research and findings. 


A pedometer is born

While the concept of a pedometer goes back to the days of DaVinci, it wasn't created until 1780 by Louis Perrelet of Switzerland. Soon after, Thomas Jefferson introduces the pedometer to America via a French production. 

National Move More Month Traditions

Go for a walk
You’ve been doing it for most of your life and it’s one of the healthiest things you can do. Go get those 10,000 steps! 
Go for a run
A little more advanced than walking but just as healthy and just as good for you. Get some miles in and chase that runner’s high. 
Lift some weights
Or, if cardio isn’t your thing, you could always work those gains and hit the weight room for some good, ole fashioned lifting. Just remember to get a spotter!

Move More Month FAQs

When is Move More Month?

Move More Month is every April, but its impact can be felt all year round. 

How do I celebrate Move More Month?

It’s in the name itself! Get out there and get some activity in for thirty to sixty minutes a day. 

Does dancing count as exercise?

Anything that gets your heart rate up for a sustained period of time basically counts as aerobic exercise. Granted, we’re not doctors, but dancing is definitely a great form of exercise. 

National Move More Month Statistics

$1 trillion – the cost of heart disease
The economic costs (both direct and indirect) of cardiovascular and heart disease are projected to reach $1 trillion by 2035 unless we take the time to move more and get more exercise. 
69% of people are overweight
About sixty-nine percent of US adults are obese and that statistic will only rise unless we do our part to create healthy habits and exercise more. 
80% is preventable
Eighty percent of cardiovascular disease in the US is considered preventable, especially by getting out and moving more. 

Move More Month Activities

  1. Go to the gym

    It's got everything you need to move more all in one place. Treadmills, weights, ellipticals, swimming pools, and more. 

  2. Go for a walk every day

    Move More Month can be used as a jumping off point for your next exercise regimen. Get out and get some regular exercise, you may find that it sparks some initiative to join a gym. 

  3. Play a sport

    If gyms aren't your thing then head down to the field and hop in on a game of your sport of choice. Soccer, basketball, or softball are all great ways to move more and some exercise in. 

Why We Love Move More Month

  1. It keeps us healthy

    Moving more and maintaining an active lifestyle is key to increasing your overall health and wellness. 

  2. It gets us out and about

    Life is more than just your phone screen. Get out there, move around, and get some sunshine. We love this month because it promotes being active and using your body outside.

  3. It leads to better daily habits

    The more you do something the more of a habit it becomes, and getting in some exercise is one of the best habits you can establish. 

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