National Critical Illness Awareness Month

National Critical Illness Awareness Month - October 2024

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Almost 1.5 million Americans suffer a stroke or heart attack each year. The numbers are comparable for cancer diagnoses and other critical illnesses. National Critical Illness Awareness Month, observed in October, helps spread information about critical illness prevention, treatment, and patient care. Getting diagnosed with a critical illness can be devastating. However, it’s often possible to fight even in the most dire circumstances.

National Critical Illness Awareness Month timeline


​DNA analysis in cancer

​The National Human Genome Research Institute, together with National Cancer Institute, analyzed DNA in 30 types of cancers to better understand the origins of this critical illness.


The first cancer vaccine was developed

​FDA approved a cancer treatment vaccine meant to treat metastatic prostate cancer.


​National Cancer Act was signed

​​President Nixon signed the National Cancer Act, which gave the director of National Cancer Institute powers to coordinate nationwide cancer-focused programs.


National Cancer Institute was established

President Franklin Roosevelt signed legislation that led to the setting up of National Cancer Institute, an organization dedicated to cancer research.

​3 Methods To Cope With A Critical Illness

  1. ​Practice mindfulness

    Meditation can help you stay in the moment, which is important when a critical illness catches you by surprise.

  2. ​Reach out for help

    Critical illnesses are traumatic; reach out to support groups in your neighborhood, or seek professional help if you're unable to cope.

  3. ​Go Easy on Yourself

    Self-criticism will only make matters worse

How to Observe National Critical Illness Awareness Month

  1. Get critical illness insurance

    Critical illness insurance fills the gaps, helping you stay prepared if tragedy strikes.

  2. Do a self-examination

    Check for any irregularities and schedule an appointment with a doctor or oncologist if you are unsure about something.

  3. Give to charity

    You could donate to a non-profit organization, or even give money to a research institute.

Why National Critical Illness Awareness Month is Important

  1. A reminder to stay positive

    Your afflicted friend and/or family member needs all the faith and hope they can get.

  2. It shines a spotlight on health

    Regular exercise cuts down the risk of a stroke or heart attack. Critical Illness Awareness Month is about disseminating vital information that helps you lead a healthier life.

  3. It encourages giving

    Critical Illness Awareness Month reminds us to consider helping organizations that relentlessly work towards making people's lives better.

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