Hoagie Day

Hoagie Day - Sunday, May 5, 2024

We all love food, which would explain why you’ll find so many food-themed days to celebrate throughout the year should you want to. So it’s not much of a surprise that this very special sandwich would get its own day too!

Whether you know it as a hoagie, a sub, a wedge, hero, Italian sandwich or a grinder, today is the perfect day to celebrate everything you love about this overstuffed, tasty and savory treat.

History of Hoagie Day

The humble hoagie first appeared on the plates of Americans around or soon after 1953, when the sandwich was first made in the World War I Philadelphia shipyards.

At the time, Italians working in the yards would make a sandwich by putting meats, cheese and lettuce in a soft baguette-shaped roll. This easy-to-make but delicious creation would soon be labeled with the nickname of ‘the Hog Island’.

This, perhaps because it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, would soon become known as a ‘hoagie’.

There’s also a second theory of the hoagie’s birth, wherin the sandwich is said to have been created by street food vendors who were known as ‘hokey-pokey men’ in the early 20th century. Supposedly, these food sellers would slice a long loaf in half and stuff it with antipasto salad before selling it as a filling snack.

Well-known in Philadelphia, the sandwich is so fond here that in 1992 the mayor Ed Rendell declared that the hoagie should be considered the official sandwich of the city.

How to celebrate Hoagie Day

You simply have got to celebrate hoagie day by fixing yourself up with a great homemade hoagie of your own!

Slice a soft or crispy long bread roll, throw in some of your favorite cold cut slices, and cheese. If you want to be fully authentic, don’t stick mayo in there – stick with good quality olive oil and some Italian herbs.

Finish off with some tomato and lettuce for a bit of extra crunch!

Don’t keep the joy of the hoagie all to yourself – if you share your creation on social media, make sure you use the hashtag #hoagieday so other observers can see your creation. And perhaps you could get your friends round for a hoagie making party?

And if you really want to make it great, why not bake your own bread to craft your artisanal sandwich with? Fresh bread is best!

Have a great hoagie day!

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