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Teacher Appreciation Day - Monday, May 5, 2025

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Teachers play a critical role in educating and shaping children’s lives: the future leaders of countries all over the world. While there can be teachers that are notably not so good, good teachers are generally kind, patient, hard-working, dedicated, and understanding professionals that mold children’s lives in a positive direction.

Many people entrust their children to the teachers, and they affect their lives on a daily basis. That’s why there’s such a day called Teacher Appreciation Day. Read more to learn about how Teacher Appreciation Day came to be and how you can celebrate it.

History of Teacher Appreciation Day

Teacher Appreciation has a long history in the United States. Political and educational leaders began discussions for a day to honor teachers in 1944. In 1953, Eleanor Roosevelt persuaded the 81st Congress to proclaim Teachers’ Day.

Congress declared March 7, 1980, as Teacher Day. The National Education Association continued to observe Teacher Day on the first Tuesday in March until 1985 when the National PTA established Teacher Appreciation Week as the first full week of May. The NEA Representative Assembly then voted to make the Tuesday of that week Teacher Day.

Teacher Appreciation Day, also known as Teacher Day, is observed on the Tuesday of the first full week in May. This day is part of Teacher Appreciation Week, which is the first full week in May of each year.

The National Education Association describes Teacher Day “as a day for honoring teachers and recognizing the lasting contributions they make to our lives.” The NEA yearly hosts contests for students and adults in thanking the teachers that have inspired them to be the best person they can be.

People in the community have understood the need for Teacher Appreciation Day for some time. Teaching is a challenging profession, and those who decide to be brave and go into it need all the support that they can get. Data from the Education Association, for instance, found that more than 45 percent of teachers leave the profession within the first five years because of the high levels of stress and the demands on their time. 

Teachers have a long list of things that they want on Teacher Appreciation Day. Right at the top is recognition from parents and former students. Many teachers go through periods where they doubt their abilities to teach because of things that people say at parent’s evenings. So, when a teacher receives positive affirmation from a parent, it can make a world of difference to their attitude on the job. They suddenly feel like masters of the universe!

How to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day

When it comes to celebrating Teacher Appreciation Day, there are plenty of things that you can do to show that you care. The world really is your oyster. You can be as creative as you like and do something uniquely special for the teacher you want to appreciate. 

If you’re looking for a great way to appreciate your favorite teacher, then take part in the NEA “thank you” video contest.

You create a simple video of you saying thank you to your teacher, explain why they have inspired you, and post it either on your social media or through the NEA main website and use the hashtag #teacherappreciationday to let everyone know what day it is today.

If you want, get in contact with your favorite teacher through social media and have a chat with them, see how they’re doing, and do them the kindness of thanking them personally. Even years later, you can get in contact with old instructors and thank them for the positive impact that they had on your later life. 

Another way to show a teacher that you appreciate them is to create a scrapbook. Here you can write an essay on the things that you enjoyed most about the time that you spent with a teacher and how they helped you. You can talk about the qualities that you appreciate in them and what they helped you to learn. And you can put special care and attention into creating a scrapbook that looks beautiful and will last for a long time. For instance, you could laminate all of the pages to make it more robust and attractive. 

Some people are also showing their appreciation by “phoning in.” They’re using dial-up services (of which there are many) and creating a collection of audio recordings from various people who shared the teacher. They’re then using the service to forward the message to the teacher, love bombing them in the process. If you decide to use one of these services, get a bunch of people together, and tell them to record a positive message for the teacher. Then be sure to vet them first before sending them on. 

So, in summary, Teacher Appreciation Day is an essential event for keeping the spirits of teachers high. It is not the most straightforward job in the world to control a class of unruly children. Those that work in schools often find that they have to spend many hours each day just preparing for lessons and marking. Many find themselves switching careers. 

Showing appreciation, however, reminds us all that it is a tough job and helps kids in school right now. The more energized their teachers feel because of your happy words, the better will be your children’s education.

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