Break The Monotony Day

Break The Monotony Day - Thursday, August 15, 2024

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Get up. Shower. Get Dressed. Have Coffee. Eat the same bagel with cream cheese. Do your commute. Go to your job. Spend the day doing the same job you did yesterday. Punch out. Commute Home. Dinner. TV. Sleep. Do it all again tomorrow.

There’s a certain security in a steady schedule, but too much of the same thing gets you stuck in a rut and the monotony can just plain kill you. When was the last time you took a day to do something spontaneous? Have you varied your day to day path by even a little? Break the Monotony Day reminds us that sometimes change is good, and changing our daily routine can really make all the difference.

History of Break the Monotony Day

Break the Monotony Day was born out of the realization that people all over the world, from every culture and every generation, have one thing that stays consistent. That would be consistency.

Once we settle into a pattern we find it so comfortable that even if it would greatly benefit us to vary what we do day to day, staying in our daily habits is far too easy. Break the Monotony Day pushes us to make a change, however minor, in our routine and see what could happen.

Entire lives have changed because of a momentary break in daily monotony that led to a series of events that utterly changed lives. Relationships both professional and romantic have begun because two people who never cross the same paths had their routine changed up for one day, deliberately or accidentally. Break the Monotony Day honors occurrences like these, and encourages you to change your routine up for a day to see what it brings you!

How to celebrate Break the Monotony Day

Well, this at least is incredibly simple. Take one look at what you usually do in a day, and change it up. Drive to work each day? Try a different route, even if it means leaving a few minutes early.

Go to the same coffee shop on the way? Try a different one, who knows who you’ll meet! Even something as simple as changing how you prepare your breakfast, change out an English Muffin for a Bagel, or ham and cheese for butter.

If you’re really feeling daring, try going all out and changing something big, only you’ll know what that means for you. Whatever you do, do something different on Break the Monotony Day!

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