Check The Chip Day

Check The Chip Day - Thursday, August 15, 2024

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When it comes to our pets, not many of us are willing to take any risk at all. Many pet owners go as far as putting in child safety plugs in order to keep nails and noses away from electrical sockets, baby gates to keep them out of dangerous rooms like kitchens and mudrooms, and as is notable for this day, microchips inside the animal’s body in order to find them via a GPS locator. So give your animals some loving, and keep them safe this year on Check the Chip Day.

History of Check the Chip Day

This was originally just an annual check up on the chip and how the animal is reacting to it. Many veterinarians and other animal health individuals use this day as a great reason to do a basic check up. But the important thing to take away from this reminder is that the chip is there, and can help you find your pet if lost.

The chips that are the namesake of this pet important day have become more and more commonplace as social media, and more importantly, electronics in general, become more widespread. The ability to have a smartphone or computer that can check on your pet’s location at any given time is something that not many would have thought about back when Vanilla Ice was still singing “Ice, Ice, Baby” on stage.

But the biggest component that people should look at isn’t the technology or the capabilities, but the safety and security it can bring you for your pet.

How to celebrate Check the Chip Day

Go in and make an appointment to get your pet a chip, or if you are already on board and they have one, go in for a test, and verification of the chip’s parameters. After all, the chip will not be of any use if you have the wrong number, or if your information is not in the database properly if your pet goes missing and the chip picks up on that.

To update the info, get the battery replaced if it needs it, and spend some time with your pet. After all, a visit to the veterinarian shouldn’t always be traumatic. Bring them for some vanilla ice cream after, a trip to the park or just some new toys to play within the house. After all, you love your pet enough to get the chip, why not spend even more time with them?

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