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Brutus Day - Saturday, March 15, 2025

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Often reviled (certainly by Dante) was Marcus Junius Brutus Minor, known to most as “Brutus” or more simply “Et tu Brute?” So why dedicate a holiday to this most heinous of individuals? This slayer of Kings and betrayer of friends? Why, my good people, because Brutus Day reminds us that even in this modern age, betrayal, subterfuge, and (metaphorical at least) back-stabbing is still alive and well.

Learn about Brutus Day

Brutus Day is the day where we say “Eu tu Brutus.” If you have ever read the famous Julius Ceaser play, by William Shakespeare, of course, you will know what this term means. To save you the hassle of having to read it, though, we’ll tell you: it means backstabbing! From the days of Shakespeare to the modern world of today, we still encounter backstabbers. There are people who plot and go behind other people’s backs in order to get what they really want. We’re sure a lot of you are reading this and are nodding your heads because you have, unfortunately, encountered a backstabber yourself. 

So, what’s Brutus Day about? Are we paying tribute to all of the backstabbers out there? Certainly not; Brutus Day is a reminder that there are still people who backstab and betray. You can use this to make sure that you have your guard up and that you know the signs of a backstabber. You could also use this day as an opportunity to focus on the good people in your life so that the backstabbers don’t win. No matter what you do, don’t use this day as an opportunity to turn into a backstabber yourself!

You may be wondering how to spot a backstabber! Backstabbers aren’t easy to identify, especially if they are good at it. If your instincts are telling you that someone is a backstabber, you should listen to them. This does not mean you should go around accusing people, but you should have a wall up and protect yourself. There are a few other signs to look out for as well. This includes the person giving you ultra-sweet talks to the point where it seems a bit OTT! Other signs include when people start the pettiest quarrels, as well as people who vanish when they don’t need you anymore! One of the biggest signs of a backstabber, though, is when they have loads of dirt on you, but you realize that you don’t know anything about them!

History of Brutus Day

Let’s start by talking a little about the man, and how he became the world’s most famous betrayer second only to that slayer of messiahs. It is first important to understand that his history is plagued from intrigue straight from his birth. You see, though Caesar was only 15 at the time, there were rumors that it was Caesar who fathered Brutus, rather than Marcus Junius Brutus Major. This rumor was in part fueled by the questionable circumstances of his father’s death while participating in the Lepidian revolution. Quintus Servilius Caepio, his uncle, took over the responsibilities of raising him in 59 BC.

So how did he come into Caesar’s confidence and become so close a friend that his betrayal shocked his dear friend to the core? The explanation comes best, perhaps, at an examination of our own lives and experiences. Sometimes we know that those we call our friends are not, perhaps, the best of people. While we may adore them as our friend, their choices and actions as pertains to others we may not approve of. This is where Brutus found himself, a dear friend he could not counsel away from madness had to be put down for the good of the nation he ruled. It is this conundrum that casts questions on whether Brutus was hero, villain, martyr, or betrayer. Perhaps each in equal measure.

Now that you know a bit about the history of the man himself, let’s take a look at the actual day. Ruth and Thomas Roy of Wellcat Holidays established Brutus Day. You may have seen their names on this website a few times, as they have created a number of days of observance. The day is to remind us that while backstabbing may have taken form for different end goals in Ancient Rome, it is still very much a thing to be concerned about today!

How to celebrate Brutus Day

Celebrating Brutus Day… Is such a day worthy of celebration? It only stands to cast yet more light on the dark seedy underbelly of the political arena. But perhaps it also prompts us to ruminate on the great game they play, the pull and tug of politics, the conflicts of loyalties and priorities, and the need to give and take on issues that may at turns enrage and exalt their constituents. Sometimes the road to the ends they promise isn’t a straight one, but twists and curves along a moral road.

You can use Brutus Day as an opportunity to cleanse your life of anyone who is not good for you or seems to be up to no good! You can also use this day as an opportunity to educate yourself about how to be aware of people that do not have good intentions. There are a lot of interesting reads on this matter. Or, why not use this day to appreciate all of the genuine people in your life who have good intentions?

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