True Confessions Day

True Confessions Day - Saturday, March 15, 2025

People & Relationships

Confession may seem like something out of a church, but confession can be a healthy practice for those who have secrets that are unhealthy.

True Confession Day aims to change the way people view confession and turn it into a tool that people can use to bring about healthier relationships and overall a better sense of well-being.

History of True Confessions Day

Founded by Thomas & Ruth Roy of Wellcat Holidays, True Confessions Day is a way of encouraging those secret keepers to confess it to feel relaxed and guilt free. Confessions have been connected to religious scriptures such as the Bible.

Many Christian churches and Judaists have the idea of confession as part of their religious practices, confessing in a church as part of their religious beliefs. Confession, defined by Britianna, has been historically about the acknowledgment of sinfulness and is regarded as a practice needed to obtain forgiveness.

While the origins of confessions stem from these beliefs, confession doesn’t have to be considered religious by any means, as it also refers to the release of secrets and release from personal guilt.

True Confessions Day aims to turn confession into a healthy practice, where the release of unhealthy secrets can be expressed in a manner that allows growth.

This holiday is about clearing the conscious of any negative emotions and thoughts and encourages the practice of honesty and openness in relationships. For some, it may even be about revealing your true self and finally being able to express it without feelings of shame or guilt.

Confession does not always have to be about negative thoughts or past histories, as it can simply be things like expressing love to someone you admire or admitting that you like a certain hobby.

True Confession Day encourages people all over the world to find peace by releasing your emotions and thoughts and turning those ideas into something more.

How to Celebrate True Confessions Day

Celebrate True Confessions Day by simply talking to people about your thoughts and emotions. If you’re surrounded by loved ones who care and understand, then take the time to build your relationship with them by being honest and open with them.

If you don’t then take the time to talk to a therapist that’s non-judgemental and understanding of you as a person. If you’re religious, then head on over to your trusted church and go to confession.

Share this holiday on social media using the hashtag #trueconfessionday if you believe that confession is good for the soul.

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