Cut Your Energy Costs Day

Cut Your Energy Costs Day - Friday, January 10, 2025

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It’s been a long cold winter, and no doubt you’re still living under the weight of those winter heating bills. Ever wonder if there’s a way to break away from such high bills while not having to live in your house like you’re out in the cold?

Cut Your Energy Costs Day is your opportunity to take a look at your life and your home, and find ways of reducing how much energy you’re using. Not just for focusing on the winter months, this is your chance to address the year ahead and find out how to make your energy bills more affordable all year long.

History of Cut Your Energy Costs Day

Heating costs have been an issue as long as there were methods of heating that could cost you to maintain. Once we moved into cities, this has always been a concern, at first it was importing wood and coal for the fireplace and furnace, and eventually moved into paying the local utility for gas and oil costs, and in the most modern age, electricity.

Cut Your Energy Costs Day isn’t just about heating, but heating costs (and cooling!) are some of the most expensive bills we can pay throughout the year. First established by the CEEA, (Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance) there isn’t a place in the world where the concerns raised by this day aren’t relevant. If you’re trying to make your year a little more tolerable in the costs department, then Cut Your Energy Costs Day is a great place to start.

How to Celebrate Cut Your Energy Costs Day

The first and best way to celebrate Cut Your Energy Costs Day is to get in and assess your entire home, or call in a professional to have it done. There’s a lot of things to consider that may just slip under your radar, and it all starts with heating and cooling.

You can start by pricing the cost of installing a programmable thermostat. It’s so easy to turn on the heat in the house and forget to turn it off when you go to bed or leave the home, wasting precious energy to heat unused space. A programmable thermostat will let you set times and days that the temperature will be adjusted, to help keep your home at the perfect temperature without wasting any money.

The next thing to do is take a look at your appliances. Old and inefficient appliances are not energy efficient, and can result in some extremely high bills, so you definitely want to assess the cost of your current appliances and see if it would save you money in the long run to replace it. Refrigerators, Freezers, Dishwashers, Clothes washers, and every other unit in your home can result in some really high costs.

The next thing you want to check is the insulation in your home. Old or inefficient insulation can result in some pretty extreme variances in what it takes to heat and cool your home. Winter is the best time to get an idea, if your home has a tendency to develop icicles and has large patches of the roof where the snow melts off, chances are you’ve got an insulation leak in that area, and it’s costing you money every minute of every day.

This is just your start, Cut Your Energy Costs Day is a great time for a complete assessment, find a local professional today!

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