No Pants Subway Ride

No Pants Subway Ride - Friday, January 10, 2025

If you were the kind of kid that never liked wearing pants at all, then this is a day where you can take off your pants and travel around your city on the subway. No Pants Subway Ride is all about the chaos and fun of the absurd. If you think it’s weird, then that’s the point. No Pants Subway Ride is a reason to be silly and you can learn about its history and how to participate here on Days of the Year.

History of No Pants Subway Ride

No Pants Subway Ride started back in 2002 when a small group of seven riders decided to ride the subway without their pants. This group of people was part of Improv Everywhere, a comedic performance art group that creates pranks or “missions” that cause scenes of chaos and joy. The group earned notoriety in 2006 when they created their first Youtube channel and started posting videos of their missions in New York City. Soon, the No Pants Subway Ride trend caught on and people in major cities all over the world started celebrating this holiday by taking off their pants and taking joy rides on their local subway.

However, the beginnings of this trend had some backlash. During the year 2006, while at least 150 people participated in the event, eight people got arrested for disorderly conduct, but later on, the charges were dropped. The holiday spread to London and Moscow and soon, hundreds of people all over the world started getting excited for the holiday, registering their VIP passes to Improv Everywhere gatherings and preparing ahead of time for this crazy and unusual event. As improv always is, it’s all about the laughter that comes with it.

How to celebrate No Pants Subway Ride

If you want to try this unexpected, Dadaist holiday, then head on over to the Improv Everywhere website and register in your city for the next No Pants Subway Ride event. If you don’t want to expose your butt to the world, then you can easily watch Youtube videos on their channel and see others do it for you. Share this holiday on your favorite social media websites using the hashtag #nopantssubwayride and let your friends know this is an excuse to take off your pants and go for a joy ride on the public subway.

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