Daylight Appreciation Day

Daylight Appreciation Day - Friday, June 21, 2024

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There’s a point during every year where we experience the longest period of sunlight we will experience throughout the entire year. With the exception of the extreme northern and southern portions of the planet, there will be no day longer than this pivotal day, the Summer Solstice. The sun will spend the longest time in the sky, and provide us with the greatest amount of light of any time of the year, and Daylight Appreciation Day is dedicated to celebrating this celestial event.

History of Daylight Appreciation Day

Since time out of mind mankind has been aware of the ever-changing pattern of the year, the cycling of long periods of night to long periods of daylight. In the past these events were assigned mystical elements, marking the transition of some great sun god from the land of the living to the land of the dead, to ultimately be reborn in deep winter when the days began getting longer again. In most cultures a great ceremony was held around both these events, commemorating the glory days of the Gods strength, and his ultimate passing into the dark to be reborn once again.

These days were marked with great feasts, as the ancients knew that the plants and animals that grew and thrived required the sun to grow, and thus was vital to humanities continued existance. Recently we’ve come to understand that this is all part of a natural cosmic dance and a result of the rotation of the Earth, it’s orbit around the sun, and the way it is angled on its axial tilt. All that aside, Daylight Appreciation Day marks the longest day of the year, and reminds us all to get out and celebrate while the sun is still with us.

How to celebrate Daylight Appreciation Day

Pretty straightforward really! You get outside and spend some time under the safest nuclear furnace we know of, the sun! Picnics and walks in the forest are some of the best ways to spend Daylight Appreciation Day, remembering that the year to come will only get darker with every passing day until we’re full in the depths of winter. If you’ve found yourself entombed in your cubicle, shoveling out work for others to go out and spend their day in the sun, take a day off and remind yourself there’s an outdoors. Go swimming, have a barbecue, get friends and family together, and have a great Daylight Appreciation Day!

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