Selfie Day

Selfie Day - Saturday, June 21, 2025

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You know what’s really annoying? People who take selfies all day. They always have these amazing profile pics and look utterly fantastic. It’s like they took thousands of images to get just the right one and it’s so frustrating!

We admit it, we’re jealous we’re not able to take such a perfect selfie, ours always come out looking like they were taken by a pigeon landing on a discarded camera. That’s ok though! On Selfie Day you can take the time to take a thousand photos to get just the right one, and not feel ashamed!

History of Selfie Day

Selfies have probably existed as long as hand-held cameras have been a thing. Human vanity is so utterly profound that if we’re given the opportunity to do something self-aggrandizing, we do. This habit, in our defense, doesn’t seem to be strictly human in nature. 

Given access to a camera and a little time to figure it out, monkeys will start snapping selfies like no one’s business. In 2014, BBC officially declared a Selfie Day, which amusingly heralded a sudden decline in selfies. Interestingly, there was a similar drop after the Oxford English Dictionary added ‘selfie’ to its pages. Apparently making something official is a damned fine way of making sure no one wants to do them anymore.

But don’t let that worry you, we’re pretty sure the selfie is definitely here to stay, especially since there have been a series of inventions to make it easier to do. From the ‘selfie-stick’ to the write mounted drone that will take flight and snap a photo of you on request, selfie technology is getting more advanced every day.

Why are selfies good for you?

Well, maybe, just maybe we can get that golden hour lighting that illuminates our skin taking it to a level of pure flawlessness, then that is certainly something to celebrate. Many humans look at selfies in shock, “is that really how I look?” and the truth of the matter is that a selfie, just the same as many photos, allows us to see ourselves how we actually look, symmetrically speaking of course.

When we sit down and admire ourselves in the mirror on a morning, we see a mirror image, which is not what our fellow humans see when they look at us. So it’s a common problem when taking selfies, as we see ourselves the correct way round, leading us to believe that we look totally different, when in fact we look a truer version of ourselves. Ready to pack it all in now? Don’t panic, it gets better. Cameras afterall are not really a true definition of 3D life, so when we look good in reality and not in photos, it may be down to lighting, the quality of the camera, or just that you’re not that photogenic! Trust us, it is a thing! 

When we take selfies, we have the option now to change our faces, add filters, edit our flaws and so on and so forth, but have you ever stopped to really look at the positives of selfies? Not only do they highlight our flaws but also our beauty. Look at the colour of your eyes, did you realize they were so blue? Did you ever notice the rim of amber in the middle? Perhaps you might look at your nose and look at how cute and upturned the tip is, or the way your hair falls, these are all things to celebrate about our looks and about our selfies. A selfie is a great way to capture moments when you’re traveling alone also. It’s safer (and wiser), to take a selfie sometimes than to ask a stranger to take the photo for you. Most likely they will be a good samaritan and you may even strike lucky and get an ‘Instagram husband’ to take the shot for you, grabbing snapshots at every angle, but taking a photo yourself allows you to remember that moment, of how you were feeling and where you were. That again, is something to celebrate, is it not? You know it is! 😉 

How to celebrate Selfie Day

Selfie day is best celebrated by taking tons and tons of selfies in pursuit of the perfect one. So get out there with your camera and take a picture of yourself every time the opportunity presents itself, we won’t judge you! You can even buy yourself a selfie-stick to take pictures of yourself with (and return it in shame the next day as you realize how it made you a terrible person). For once you don’t have to be embarrassed to take a selfie to post on your profiles, you’ve got one clear excuse and an absolute pass on it for the day. 

Another great way to celebrate selfie day is, if you take an abborhent photo that you feel you could not possibly show anyone, you could choose to embrace it and send it as a joke to those you are closest to (and know you the best) to make them laugh! They truly know how you look, so any bad photo will not disway how they envision you in their minds. Selfie day is a day to celebrate you in all your glory, even if that is dishevelled hair that hasn’t been washed in a week, or hormonal breakouts that just will not disappear. Or perhaps you want to play around with a new make-up trend, a selfie will capture that decision forever, so make it a good one! Take a selfie, have fun, be wild! It’s Selfie Day, afterall!

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