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Experience Week - Mar 30-Apr 5, 2025

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What’s your dream experience? Is it to go to the Grand Canyon and spend days rafting down a river, or even go bungee jumping there? Is it to be lowered deep into the water amongst great white sharks and look straight into the eyes of a vicious predator? Or maybe something else, something a bit less extreme, like zorbing or spending the day in a luxury spa getting massages? Whatever it is that you dream of experiencing, you shouldn’t let life pass you by without getting around to doing it. You only live once, right? And as if the joy and thrill of fulfilling your own dreams was not enough, imagine how wonderful it would feel to help someone else fulfil theirs! This is, in fact, what Experience Week is all about…

The History of Experience Week

Experience Week was created by a company called Into the Blue, then known as Air Activity Gift Vouchers, in 1996. The reason for its creation was a simple one: so 60,000 people could watch the Air Fair. Soon, however, it became apparent that just watching was not enough—people wanted to take part in the fun, too! That’s why Activity Gift Air Vouchers decided to work with some of their aviation contacts to create a range of air-based experiences that could them be purchased by those interested and then gifted to those you care about. And the fun began! Things went so well, in fact, that by 1998 many water– and driving-based activities were to the offer. Today, the business offers over 1,000 varied experiences, including some arts and crafts projects, pampering packages for those in need of some relaxation and gourmet events to choose from that never cease to amaze their customers.

Push the boundaries and live a little with Experience Week! This is a yearly event to celebrate all those fab experience days you can do, meaning that you are officially allowed to have fun, do something different and generally treat yourself to having a nice time. Supported by us go-getting gift-genies here at IntotheBlue.co.uk, we think everyone should have an exciting day out once in a while (with no obligation to have been good beforehand, unlike at Christmas).

How to Celebrate Experience Week

The best way to celebrate this week would be to help someone fulfill their dream. Could you imagine anything more amazing? The best part is that no matter what it is your loved ones would love to do, or what their age or sex, there’s sure to be something right for them to be found at Into the Blue. Treating people to an entire experience instead of just, say, giving them money is a wonderful idea on many levels.

Firstly, money tends to just slip through people’s fingers, so unfortunately, the cash you give them may well just disappear within a matter of days (or hours!) and be forgotten. An experience, on the other hand, helps create memories people cherish for years. Another reason is that getting someone a voucher for something they’ve long dreamed of doing shows you care about them and pay attention to their desires, as well as the fact that you took the time to think about what would make them happy.

Lastly, buying someone a voucher may allow them to do something they would have otherwise not done out of feelings of guilt or responsibility—there is always something around the home that needs fixing and that most people will feel obligated to take care of before tending to their own desires, which they may see as less important. Of course, that is hardly true, as doing new and exciting things makes us happier, more confident and more positive towards life.

Experience Week is about making the lives of those you love and care about more fun and interesting. Could there be a more noble cause than that?

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