​National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

​National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week - March 25-31, 2024

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National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week, aimed at teenagers, starts March 30. The goal of the week is to dispel myths about drug and alcohol use. According to research from the Centers for Disease Control, two-thirds of U.S. students have tried alcohol by 12th grade. National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week attempts to inform teens about the impact and risk of substance abuse.

​National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week timeline


Overdoses reached a record high

Overdoses were the leading cause of death in Americans under the age of 50.


​National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week launched

​Scientists at the National Institute on Drug Abuse launched the week "to educate teens and organize events related to drug use and addiction."


NIDA launches informational campaigns

They're aimed at keeping teens and parents informed about drug and alcohol abuse. They're titled "NIDA Goes Back to School" and "NIDA for Teens."


​​The National Institute on Drug Abuse was established

​​It's for research, treatment, prevention, training, services, and data collection on the nature and extent of drug abuse.

​5 Signs Of Teen Drug Abuse

  1. ​Changes in behavior

    This can include anything from bad grades to lack of respect to poor eye contact. Take note of what is different in your teen and ask yourself if their behavior is unusual.​

  2. Psychological changes​

    ​Drugs can have a heavy impact on your teen — from trouble concentrating to memory issues to seemingly random laughter.

  3. Health Issues​

    ​Drug use often coincides with health issues. If your teen is experiencing appetite changes, shakiness, excessive headaches, or frequent illness — take note.

  4. Personal appearance​

    Poorer than average appearance (from bad hygiene to bloodshot eyes) could be a sign. Also, look for burn marks on fingers or lips.

  5. ​​Suspicious behavior

    ​You may notice drug paraphernalia, missing cash, or valuables. This could be a clear indication of drug use.

How to Observe ​National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

  1. Organize or attend an event

    Consider bringing National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week to your community. The National Institute on Drug Abuse offers free online guides to help you kickstart and host your own event.

  2. Get social

    Use #ndafw to post facts about drug and alcohol abuse or advertise your community's event.

  3. Take a Drug IQ test

    National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week is about spreading the truth and cutting down on misinformation. But how much do you really know?

Why ​National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week is Important

  1. It's aimed at young people

    This week is especially important because it addresses drug use in teens. This age group is very susceptible to making impulsive decisions. It is important that they know the facts.

  2. It's informative

    The goal of the week is to stop the spread of misinformation. This not only helps teens, but community leaders, teachers, and parents.

  3. It's community driven

    During National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week, schools and community groups organize events to bring teens and adults together.

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