Guitars On The Beach

Guitars On The Beach - June 2024

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Guitars have been around for the longest time, and during the 20th century in the United States, all different kinds of music genres were beginning to shape the history of the guitar in the most prominent way. Today, there are guitar lovers all over the world, and it is one of the most recognized instruments out there. Guitars on the Beach is just one of the holidays that dedicates itself towards its love for guitars.

History of Guitars on the Beach

Guitars on the Beach began as a spontaneous event in the UK, starting as a small set up in the Lyme Regis Beach rock festival. This day made headlines as a world record was broken when 2,276 people all simultaneously played on their guitars and sang Buddy Holly’s song Rave On. From there, the decision was made to continue this tradition, changing it from a local rock festival to a national event. Each year, people from all over go to this small beach, play in the sand, play their guitars, and listen to local bands play their favorite songs.

Guitars on the Beach isn’t only a yearly event but is also a holiday dedicated to celebrating the history of guitars and the history of music. Fun fact: Guitars have been around since 1500 BC when the ancient Persians created the Tanbur, a four string guitar that can be played using a person’s fingers. As an aftereffect, guitars have been around passing through ancient times, the middle ages, all right up to the notorious time when country music and rock music was created. The people that attend Guitars on the Beach festival are a small portion of the lovers of music out there, so this holiday celebrates all things related to guitars and those passionate about them, including the famous legends such as Buddy Holly, Tom Petty, and Malcolm Young.

How to celebrate Guitars on the Beach

If you’re a guitar enthusiast, then check out your local music shop and get the guitar you have always wanted and maybe even take some music lesson from an instructor. If you have one and know how to play, then make a trip to your local beach and play your favorite songs. You can also purchase tickets to attend Guitars on the Beach and join hundreds of fans and have a good time. Share this holiday on your favorite social media websites using the hashtag #guitarsonthe beach and let everyone know what day it is today.

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