No Housework Day

No Housework Day - Monday, April 7, 2025

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Envision it, you’ve worked a long hard day and you’re exhausted to the core. The road hasn’t been kind to you, and you seem to have hit every stoplight. You’re already running late since you had to stay after work, and your “short-cut” ended up having a detour that took you 15 minutes out of the way. You get to the door, swing it open, and walk in. Home Sweet Home, and finally time to rela… That’s when reality sets in and you realize that you haven’t had an opportunity to clean up after the weekend, and you’ve been putting off dishes all week. No matter! No Housework Day is your chance to let it all slide and let tomorrows dishes worry about themselves!

History of No Housework Day

Alright listen, if there’s anything that everyone can relate to (and housespouses throughout history especially) it’s the painful drudgery of housework. Admittedly, we’ve come a long way from what we used to have to deal with. Think about it, the floors of homes in certain regions didn’t even have carpet, they just had dirt, so piles of rushes were thrown down to help mitigate the mess and dust of day to day life.

Even then, proper brooms didn’t really exist, so sweeping was a pain, besoms were originally made out of ash handles with birch twigs tied on one end with stripped willow bark. Sure it worked, but even making the broom was work!

How about when there weren’t vacuums, and you found yourself forced to literally take your rug out, hang it in the sun (when there WAS sun) and beat it with a stick to ‘clean’ it? Right! Physical labor! Sure we’ve got lots of neat appliances to help clean the house, and we don’t have to haul water in to do dishes anymore, but housework is easily still one of the most drugeriest drudgeries the world has to offer!

So you have to imagine that if we get sick of it today, people have been getting sick of it forever, No Housework Day was created to remind us that all of us deserve a chance to let it all go, and relax in our (probably comfortably) cluttered home.

How to celebrate No Housework Day

Post #NoHouseWorkDay and do whatever you want that DOESN’T involve housework. No washing dishes, no folding laundry, no even putting laundry away! Just let it all go and don’t get all curflustered. Instead, pour yourself a glass of wine (or just drink from the bottle if none are clean, NO HOUSEWORK) and give yourself a day of leisure.

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