Making The First Move Day

Making The First Move Day - Monday, April 7, 2025

Making The First Move Day is an all-inclusive holiday born out of the life-long bullying, and more recent criminal victimization experiences of bullying and crime victim-survivor and thriver, Greshun De Bouse.

The day was created because of the bullying and bullycide pandemic that continues to affect kids and families around the world. Because of the challenges she faced, she was able to identify and start making the first move after criminal victimization.

History of Making The First Move Day

Greshun had a sincere desire and drive that everyone should be able to live free from such bully-related challenges. This led to her establishing her bullying prevention and recovery coaching company – First Move Life Coaching LLC, and founding Making The First Move Day!

Today, people of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to come together in making the first move towards bullying prevention. And enabling recovery in ALL it’s forms, including shaming, abuse, assault, and other criminal victimization!

Because people often do nothing when they don’t know what to do when moving towards bullying prevention and recovery in all forms, and they are more likely to move when others are moving with them, Making the First Move Day is the best facilitator of bullying prevention and recovery for people all over the world-though everyone’s first move may not be the same!

The goal of this day is that everyone around the world should be able to live freely without being bullied. So join us in celebrating liberation from bullying and its adverse effects on people everywhere every year.

How to celebrate Making The First Move Day

Making The First Move Day is an exciting day! It provides people with the power to reclaim their power and start making the first move towards bullying prevention!

The first way to celebrate this day is by taking the Making The First Move Day Pledge at 12:00 am on April 7.

This is a commitment to accept oneself and others without judgment. Find at least one positive thing to say about oneself. As well as everyone that you come into contact with throughout the day.

Helping to stop bullying at it’s onset and intervene in some way when bullying is being observed in any form. Start making the first move towards bullying prevention and recovery in all forms-whatever that move may be.

Today encourages people to talk more openly about what has happened to them. To show solidarity and support start by wearing red, to symbolize passion. And white to symbolize new beginnings. You can also attend the official Making The First Move Day Event.

At the event, you will meet with people worldwide who have come together to be empowered and empower others. Build each other up and enable each other to be more courageous to start making the first move.

At the event, there are speakers with Q&A on various types of bullying. As well as self-defense trainers, food, raffles, games for kids, photo opportunities, and so much more!

A highlight of the event is the pledge accountability facet. This is where attendees who have taken the pledge give verbal progress reports. This verbalization is focused on how they’ve been making the first move over the past year. This can be an incredibly empowering and cathartic process for everyone involved.

You can donate to Making The First Move Day via,
and help with present and future bullying prevention and recovery initiatives for children and families.

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