Ninoy Aquino Day

Ninoy Aquino Day - Wednesday, August 21, 2024

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Today is an important holiday in Filipino history,  marking August 21 as Ninoy Aquino Day.  Created in 2004, this day forever commemorates the life and legacy of  a beloved hero of freedom. Filipinos remember the ultimate sacrifice that Ninoy Aquino made for the people of the Philippines.

Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr. was an influential and inspirational Filipino political figure who fought for independence and a free democracy. After serving prison time for his opposition to then President Ferdinand Marcos, Aquino, who had gone into exile upon his release; planned on reentering Filipino politics.  Tragically,  he was assassinated upon returning to the islands in 1983.  Today, Filipinos remember Aquino’s famous words, “The Filipino is worth dying for.”

Ninoy Aquino Day timeline


The aftermath

After Aquino’s assassination, a sudden presidential election is held — electing his wife Corazon Aquino — creating political mayhem in the Philippines.


The assassination

Aquino is shot and killed while getting off of a plane at the Manila International Airport.



Aquino suffers from two heart attacks and is sent to the United States to receive medical help.


Political prisoner

After martial law is announced, Aquino is sent to prison.


Aquino on the attack

Ninoy Aquino becomes a well-known critic of the current President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos.

5 Interesting Facts About Ninoy Aquino

  1. He was born prosperous

    Aquino grew up wealthy in Tarlac, Philippines.

  2. He was politically active even as a teenager

    At age 17, he was the youngest war correspondent to cover the Korean War for the "Manila Times."

  3. Twin passports

    After being exiled in 1979, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would not allow Aquino to be issued a passport so he had one made under the alias, "Marcial Bonifacio."

  4. He met his wife in elementary school

    Aquino met his future wife, Cory Cojuangco — who also grew up in a wealthy family in Tarlac — at a birthday party when they were nine years old.

  5. He was a born-again Christian

    During his seven-year imprisonment, Aquino read “Born Again,” a novel that led him to becoming a born-again Christian.

How to Observe Ninoy Aquino Day

  1. Attend an event

    Throughout the day, there are several events hosted by the EDSA People Power Commission (EPPC) that focus on Aquino’s fight for democracy. Some of these include parades, speeches and other celebratory activities.

  2. Remember a hero

    Even though you and your friends may have to work on this holiday, this doesn’t mean you still can’t mark the occasion. Spend time with friends and family. Engage in activities that further honor the legacy of the man whose death led to Marcos' downfall.

  3. Raise money for a good cause

    Since Ninoy Aquino felt so passionately about freedom, this holiday is the perfect opportunity to make a difference in another’s life. Whether you choose to volunteer at a homeless shelter, donate to a charity or help out at an animal shelter, use this day to follow in the footsteps of Ninoy Aquino by helping others just as he did for the people of the Philippines.

Why Ninoy Aquino Day is Important

  1. It’s a commemoration

    Ninoy Aquino Day celebrates the life of a man who did many positive things for the Philippines. Although Aquino’s life ended violently, this holiday enables his name to live on in a positive and inspiring way.

  2. It honors the workers

    Although Filipinos don't get the day off from work to celebrate Ninoy Aquino Day, their efforts do not go unnoticed. Employees receive a 30% bonus for working the holiday.

  3. It’s a reminder of freedom

    In addition to celebrating the legacy of Ninoy Aquino, this holiday reminds the people of the Philippines about the progress their country has made.

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