The Latest List of Civic Holidays 2023

We Love Civic Holidays! Here are 31 Civic holidays in this year 2023. There are pretty of activities to go around. We are celebrating our tradition and culture that deserve their own special moment. Luckily, we have got a few specifically reasons to show our friends some extra love.

Date Holiday Tags
March 15 Friday
Red Nose Day Red Nose Day CauseActivitiesBritishCivicFunny
May 1 Monday
May Day May Day FederalChristianCivicHistoricalPagan
May 5 Friday
National Teacher Day National Teacher Day Special InterestCareersCiviceducation
May 6 Saturday
National Nurses Day National Nurses Day Special InterestCareersCivic
May 16 Tuesday
National Armed Forces Day National Armed Forces Day CareerAmericanCivicHistoricalInternationalMilitary
May 22 Monday
Harvey Milk Day Harvey Milk Day FederalCivicCivil RightsHistoricalLGBTQ
National Maritime Day National Maritime Day FederalCivicHistoricalMilitary
June 6 Tuesday
Queensland Day Queensland Day CulturalCivicHistorical
June 14 Wednesday
Flag Day Flag Day FederalAmericanCivicHistorical
June 21 Wednesday
National Aboriginal Day National Aboriginal Day EnvironmentalInternationalCanadianCivicHistoricalObscure
June 24 Saturday
Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day ReligiousCanadianChristianCivicFestivals
June 25 Sunday
International Day of the Seafarer International Day of the Seafarer FederalCivicGlobalHistoricalInternational
July 4 Tuesday
Independence Day Independence Day FederalActivitiesCivicCulturalHistoricalSummer
August 3 Thursday
New Brunswick Day New Brunswick Day FederalBeerCanadianCivicCultural
August 15 Tuesday
Indian Independence Day Indian Independence Day CulturalCivicFestivitiesHinduHistorical
August 21 Monday
Ninoy Aquino Day Ninoy Aquino Day InternationalCivicCulturalHistorical
August 26 Saturday
Women’s Equality Day Women’s Equality Day CauseCivicHistoricalWomen
September 5 Tuesday
International Day of Charity International Day of Charity CauseAwarenesscharityCivic
September 7 Thursday
Labor Day Labor Day FederalCivicFestivitiesHistoricalShoppingSummer
September 11 Monday
Patriot Day Patriot Day CauseCivicpatrioticRespondersUSA
September 22 Friday
​National Voter Registration Day ​National Voter Registration Day CauseCivic
September 26 Tuesday
National Public Lands Day National Public Lands Day EnvironmentalCivic
September 27 Wednesday
National Crush Day National Crush Day EnvironmentalCivic
September 28 Thursday
National Neighbor Day National Neighbor Day RelationshipCivic
October 28 Saturday
​National First Responders Day ​National First Responders Day CareerCareersCivicHealth
​National Immigrants Day ​National Immigrants Day CauseCivic
November 3 Friday
Daylight Saving Day Daylight Saving Day SeasonalCivic
November 15 Wednesday
National Philanthropy Day National Philanthropy Day CauseAwarenessCivic
April 1 Saturday
Keep America Beautiful Month Keep America Beautiful Month CauseCivicEducationalEnvironment
October 1 Sunday
​Global Diversity Awareness Month ​Global Diversity Awareness Month CauseChildrenCivicCulturalHistorical
​Italian-American Heritage Month ​Italian-American Heritage Month CauseCivicCultural