Intimate Apparel Market Week

Intimate Apparel Market Week - February 3-9, 2025

Clothing can be more than just practical wear; it can define social values and cultures and can have a monumental impact on the way that people perceive others in the world.

Intimates have had a long journey towards acceptance and have empowered many towards their fight for rights and freedom of self-expression.

Intimate Apparel Market Week celebrates the history of intimates as a kind of clothing that’s evolved to become a source of power, sexuality, and intimacy.

History of Intimate Apparel Market Week

Beginning with the 1700s, rich women wore corsets and petticoats while poor women didn’t bother with undergarments. Lingerie wasn’t much of an aspect of people’s lives until the 1840s, early feminists such Elizabeth Smith Miller, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Amelia Bloomer.

They began wearing shorter, knee-length skirts and baggy, ankle-length pants instead of layers of petticoats, thus using their mobility to organize the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848.

During the early 1900s, corsets were replaced with the brassiere, coined by Vogue, which lasted in style and flexibility until the 1940s and 50s. The 60s and 70s formed more loose and natural bras and panties, allowing for the second wave of feminists to rise and let those in the 90’s to have a wider variety of lingerie choices for sexual freedom.

Intimate Apparel Market Week allows those in the lingerie market to meet up, showcase their designs through fashion shows, network, and support upcoming talent.

Over the years, the intimates market has been growing in popularity due to the increasing demand in a more versatile and comfortable intimate. Sponsored by the Underfashion Club, a non-profit organization that hosts fundraisers for upcoming talent, Intimate Apparel Market Week helps new designers gain spotlight for their achievements by showing off their skills and innovations for the intimate apparel industry.

This week is also about celebrating the history of lingerie, its iconic fashion statements, and continuous efforts towards the future of fashion lingerie.

How to Celebrate Intimate Apparel Market Week

Celebrate this week by researching some of the most famous lingerie designers throughout history. If you’re looking to be inspired, attend a fashion show and support the budding artists in the fashion industry.

Take a chance at trying out lingerie if you’re interested in fashion. Attending a fashion show is a great way to gain some social networking and become inspired by the latest designers in the industry.

Nevertheless, share this holiday on social media using the hashtag #IntimateApparelMarketWeek and let your friend and family know this week is all about celebrating the creation of lingerie.

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