Fibonacci Day

Fibonacci Day - Saturday, November 23, 2024

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There are sequences that appear in nature time and time again, ones that seem to define the very basis of our reality and coordinate how everything comes together. One of these numbers is the Fibonacci sequence, and it can be found in the most surprising of places. Fibonacci Day commemorates this sequence and the man who brought it to our attention in 1202.

History of Fibonacci Day

Who’s the man? That would be Leonardo of Pisa, known today as Fibonacci. He was not the first to think of it however, just the first to bring it to the European world and bring awareness to its importance in the furthering of science. The sequence itself first appeared in Indian Mathematics, known as Virahanka numbers, and was connected with Sanskrit prosody. The number sequence is also tied to the golden ratio and the golden triangle, both of which appear again and again in nature, as does the sequence itself.

Where might you ask? It is in the most fundamental of things, from the petals of the yellow chamomile, the complex and seemingly random branching of a trees limbs, and these are just a few. Look deeper and you’ll find them within the pine cone and the shape of an unfurling fern, and in a truly strange one, it describes the family tree of bees and is deeply important to apiarists as a result. The sequence has also inspired songs, such as that by the illustrious Doctor Steel, simply called “Fibonacci Sequence”. It’s definitely worth taking the time to check out, and then listen to the rest of his stuff!

How to Celebrate Fibonacci Day

Celebrating Fibonacci Day is best done by studying and researching the Fibonacci sequence, and going out in nature and finding where it exists, which is everywhere! You can even look in your own home and yard and find places where the Fibonacci sequence structures the world around you. You can also take some time to research the great man himself, and all of those who have built off his work. There’s so much about the Fibonacci sequence that leads to fascinating discoveries and even just reading about it is a pure joy! So get out there on Fibonacci Day, listen to some great music, and learn a bit more about the world around you.

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