Internaut Day

Internaut Day - Saturday, August 24, 2024

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The internet is the newest great frontier, a place where every new innovation creates a new virtual world deep within the web. While space will always be the final frontier (Except for those brave souls who consider death the last great adventure) the internet will always be a growing and expanding frontier. Internaut Day celebrates those men and women (and those without a binary identifier) who have helped to build the great frontier that is the Internet.

History of Internaut Day

A blending of the words “Internet” and “Astronaut” that refers to those who either have played some role in the construction of the Internet, an operator of the internet, or one who is a fully capable user of the internet. Initially, it only contained members of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), a group that works to create voluntary internet standards like the TCP/IP Internet Protocol Suite. This membership soon expanded to include members of the Internet Society (ISOC), another organization with a focus on improving internet standards, education, and access.

Now the term can include almost anyone who uses the internet, though those without technical savvy are often referred to as netizens. As the world progresses, we’re bound to see new types of netizens, especially as we see AR (Augmented Reality) expanded and the physical world becomes increasingly integrated with the digital world. Who knows what the future holds for the world and the internet? Internaut Day celebrates those who will bring this brave new world to us all.

How to celebrate Internaut Day

Celebrating Internaut Day is best done by researching the internet and learning more about navigating and existing on the internet. The virtual world is a truly interesting place, but there are dangers to traversing it that may not be obvious to the general user. We are all part of the growing internet, and maybe today is your day to begin contributing to it if you haven’t been already.

There’s a lot of ways that we can contribute, whether by building a website of our very own or starting to blog on a regular basis. Maybe you can start adding your own photos to Instagram or uploading a video on Youtube of your very own. You could be the next big internet sensation!

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