Piñata Day

Piñata Day - Friday, April 18, 2025

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These colorful and creative candy containers are popular in celebrations and birthdays all over the world. Their origins may be much further back, but great fun and great memories have been created over nothing more than being blindfolded and trying to hit a papier-mâché donkey and make it spill its guts full of candy all over the ground. The hilarity of missing, the hilarity of hitting someone or thing other than piñata, and the mad scramble for all the wonderful contents are all part of what makes Piñata Day great! Have you busted open an innocent papier-mâché creature lately?

History of Piñata Day

There’s no way to discuss Piñata day, without discussing the history of the piñata. While the tradition of the piñata is typically thought of as originating in Mexico, the real history of this most entertaining toy and candy delivery system is actually must older. Sometime in the 14th century (that’s before the discovery of the New World by Europeans, in case you’re history deficient) an idea became popular. That idea was filling a container with prizes and smacking the heck out of it until it showered down its delicious and/or fun entrails. Sorry, was that too graphic?

The name piñata is actually a variation of the Italian pignatta, and it was brought to Mesoamerica by the Spanish conquistadors. When they arrived in Mexico, they actually underwent an interesting transformation, becoming deeply entrenched with religious significance. The traditional piñata (rather than those used for parties and such) is actually a sphere with seven points issuing from it, one for each of the seven deadly sins. The attack of the piñata is actually meant to demonstrate the battle of the soul against temptation and evil, with the contents being the rewards of the ever after. Surprisingly deep for a papier-mâché ball of treats and prized, isn’t it?

How to celebrate Piñata Day

Alright, at this point we can only figure you’re pulling our leg. Pull the other one, it’s got bells on! Celebrating piñata day is as simple as finding a local supplier of piñatas, filling it full of fun prizes, hanging it up, and beating the ever living tar out of it! On the other hand, if you’re the craft sort, you might actually consider making piñatas of your own. It’s not terribly difficult, and can be a lot of fun for the whole family. The supplies are even cheap, it just requires some paste, a frame, and lots of shredded newspaper. Look up videos online and go for it!

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