Social Security Day

Social Security Day - Monday, August 14, 2023

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Wherever we are and whatever we do we’re a small part of a greater society and there’s no better indicator of our togetherness than a social security system, which is why we should celebrate Social Security Day.

Anyone can fall on hard times, or have a period during which a little help doesn’t go amiss, which is why these support systems exist. A good way to celebrate Social Security Day is to think about the more unfortunate members of society and do something for them.

Cooking a traybake or a big stew and taking it to a soup kitchen is one good idea. Another good idea is to volunteer for a shift in that same kitchen. Send the kids out to mow the lawn of an elderly or infirm neighbour, or have a yard sale and donate the proceeds to a homeless charity. Have fun, but be generous as well.

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