Army Day

Army Day - Sunday, April 6, 2025

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They’re there at the front line, holding positions in the most dangerous territory in any military theater. They march hundreds of miles with packs that easily weigh more than they do, carrying needed supplies and equipment into locations that are often under heavy enemy fire.

For many of them, the constant sound of mortar fire is their lullaby, and a silent night is one to dread where the enemy can come at any time, and their plans remain largely a mystery to these noble men and women. Army Day celebrates these most fundamental of the armed forces and reminds us of the sacrifices they make to protect home and country. 

History of Army Day 

World War II was in full swing when Franklin D. Roosevelt sat the American Presidency. He held an unenviable position at the time, leading the American nation into a war that followed on the heels of what had been called “The War to End All Wars”. Little did they know the war to follow would be the most devastating and destructive war in history, and more lives would be lost during it than they possibly could have imagined in their worst and most horror-driven nightmares. 

Vital to the efforts of every member of the Allies was their military, and most importantly, those men and women who crossed foreign ground on foot to defend, recover, and take enemy positions that would alter the flow of the war. Army Day was established to commemorate all members of all armed forces and the civilians that support them. 

It was clear he truly understood the function of our military men and women when he cited them as “A Mighty Arm of the Tree of Liberty”. He knew that they were all that stood between the safety, security, and peace of those who fought against tyranny, those who pushed back against the cruel and dominating forces of the Axis of Evil who sought to destroy it all. Army Day serves as a reminder that everything that we hold dear is thanks to the efforts of these men and women, and the blood they spill in the name of our freedoms. 

How to celebrate Army Day

Army Day is best celebrated by doing your part to remind the veterans of the world’s armed forces that their sacrifice is appreciated. Remember that everything they do helps you live the lives of peace and security that we experience every day. Volunteering at homeless shelters is a sad but effective way of ensuring that those veterans most receive your help. 

It stands as an uncomfortable fact that a disturbing number of these warriors for peace and security fall through the cracks after they return home from their service. Army Day is your chance to help make a difference in the lives of people who gave everything to make a difference in yours. 

No matter where you live, you are sure to come across a veteran shelter where you can stop by and help out, whether it’s arranging for food or providing company in times that can often feel so lonely for those who have already given so much. It will also allow you to hear about thoughts, feelings, and experiences straight from the horse’s mouth, or should that be the hero’s mouth. 

This will help give you a greater understanding and could even change your perspective on everything you thought you knew already. If you feel genuinely inspired to make a difference for these veterans, events, and parades will help bring in funds for better support to improve the quality of living that they, without a shadow of a doubt, entirely deserve. If there is not an event already in your area, you can take the initiative and organize one yourself, because change never happens without someone making the first move. 

If you are unable to make it to a local veteran’s center, whether because of location, work, or other responsibilities, this is okay. You can still do your part in celebrating Army Day. If you are a teacher, for example, providing lessons for your students who may not know as much about the history of our armed forces as you will help keep the legacy alive. It will give them a renewed respect and appreciation for the Greatest Generations that came before us. 

Depending on their ages, you can do a range of activities, including worksheets or even performances of iconic war-time poems or reenactments. Older students may be able to develop performances or models of famous moments when the Allies turned the tide. If you’d prefer to keep things a little less messy, essays on what the sacrifices of these men and women mean to them will always bring up plenty of surprises. 

Everyone knows someone connected to the Army, and this is what makes Army Day strike such a chord with so many people not just across the country but also all around the world. Even now, we still see the repercussions of such conflicts, whether on home soil or in far-flung nations. 

To show appreciation and do our best to repay what is undoubtedly an unpayable debt owed, celebrating Army Day is possible by donating your time and energy to those affected by conflicts directly, or by spending time with friends and family members impacted in whatever way that suits you and makes everyone feel close and comfortable. 

Whatever you do, remember to give thanks, wave a flag, and remember that no matter how bad things may get for you in your personal life, your social life, your online life, or even professional life, there is still a chance that it won’t compare to the experience of those who have seen conflict, engaged in battle, and come out of the other side to tell the tale, especially when there are those who are not so lucky to say the same and be right there with you, celebrating at your side. 

For this, we salute you, so Happy Army Day to all.

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