National Student-Athlete Day

National Student-Athlete Day - Sunday, April 6, 2025

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We have a question for you: do you love memes? Memes like this?

“dentist: you need to stop grinding your teeth

student athlete: Stop Grinding?😂 The Grind Never Stops💯 No Breaks😈 We Stay Dream Chasing💪”

Get ready to share these student athlete memes all over the internet this April 6, because it’s National Student Athlete Day! Started by the National Consortium for Athletics and Sports, this day celebrates the student athletes who excel both on the field and in the classroom. Get yourself an athlete that can do both—and then give them a huge … hug? High-five? Whatever athletes do to celebrate. Basically, what we’re trying to say is go show the student athletes in your life some love. Even though we make fun of them with memes sometimes, they really do never stop grinding.

National Student-Athlete Day Activities

  1. Share a meme or three

    You can’t blame us for being obsessed with student athlete memes (go back to the intro for an example of true meme artistry). So this National Student Athlete Day, breathe some new life into your favorite memes by sharing them on your social medias and tagging your student athlete friends! Sure, you might be gently making fun of them, but we’re sure they’ll take it in stride.

  2. Go to a local game

    We can’t count the times we’ve driven past our local high school during a football game. But we always tell ourselves we’ll catch it the next time. (And, of course, we never do.) This holiday is the perfect day to support your local student athletes in what they do best! Check the calendar on your alma mater’s website: it’s guaranteed to have a long list of different events you can attend.

  3. Get the student-athlete in your life some new gear

    Whether your favorite student athlete is in high school or college, they’re probably not making enough money to afford the gear they want. Surprise them with some new cleats, or the lacrosse stick they’ve been eyeing! It will show them that you recognize all the hard work they’re putting in, and you support them.

Why We Love National Student-Athlete Day

  1. It showcases dedication

    Take it from our uncoordinated selves—it’s really hard to be good at a sport. We’ve tripped over enough hurdles and hit enough foul balls to realize just how talented student athletes are. But for every bit of talent student athletes have, they reinforce it with hours and hours of practice. Student athletes find time to fit what’s basically a part-time job in their schedule, while still completing all of their homework. That guy from High School Musical already had a hard enough time juggling two extracurriculars and a girl—we’re sure he wasn’t getting his work in on time. That’s why the student athletes in your life are so amazing—they can do it all! Make sure you let them know how appreciated they are today.

  2. It reminds us that school is important

    Think about it—how many holidays do you know that celebrate school? It’s easy to see school as a chore, and to stereotype people who are good at it as “nerds.” Somewhere along the line, it became cool not to care about school. But student athletes are the coolest people we know, so celebrating them doing well in school sends a powerful message: school can be fun, and doing well is even better.

  3. It’s a motivator

    Student athletes have the same amount of time in the day as you do. And in that time, they manage to practice their craft for several hours a day, hang out with their friends, do their homework, and eat. Think about their example the next time you say you don’t have time to go to the gym, or to pick up a new hobby. These athletes are examples of real people who make time for their passion and their obligations—and there’s no reason you can’t do the same. Now grab that basketball from the back of your closet and start shooting hoops! But don’t play with a student athlete. They’ll beat you so badly it will be embarrassing.

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