Get A Different Name Day

Get A Different Name Day - Thursday, February 13, 2025

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Life is a series of changes, and sometimes the name we were born with isn’t the name that really suits us as we move on the path through our lives. When that time comes it’s time to put on a new name like you put on a new set of clothes. Who are you in this time of your life? What’s changed about you? Are you more of a Lilith than a Susan? More a Faustus than a Michael? Maybe you’ve decided that Zaphod Beeblebrox is a name that suits you, and it’s time for a change. Congratulations, on Get A Different Name Day, you get the chance to change it all up, and maybe make a life changing decision!

History of Get A Different Name Day

The History of Get A Different Name Day has its heritage in cultures throughout the world, where in certain places it was customary to take a new name. Catholicism, one of the biggest (but by no means the oldest) religion in the world has a practice called “Confirmation” during which you select a new name, often one of their saints. Sometimes taking a new name is a case of a celebration, such as getting married, though people are now hyphenating their names or keeping their own, some of them are even taking their wives name!

Taking on a new name can help affirm a new identity, which can be especially important if you’re going through the trials after a divorce. Sometimes you’ve had issues with your family and you just want to separate yourself from them, whatever the case, it’s all about getting a fresh start, and that’s what Get A Different Name Day is about!

How to celebrate Get A Different Name Day

Get A Different Name! That’s how! You can select it out of a baby book, from your favorite movie, or even from your favorite fantasy novel. Are you an avid MMORPG player? Take a name of one of your favorite characters from that! There’s so many people who can be our role models or our guides, and taking inspiration from them in choosing your new name can be just the inspiration you need. You don’t have to legally change your name, you can just choose to go by a different one for a day. Or, you can go all out and pay to have your name legally changed forever!

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