World Radio Day

World Radio Day - Thursday, February 13, 2025

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World Radio Day was first proposed by Spain in September 2010. With backing from broadcasting associations around the world, it was unanimously accepted by UNESCO Member States in November 2011. The cool thing about radio is it’s still relevant and important in our daily lives. During those long drives for vacation or maybe to work, radio is still with us, keeping us singing and keeping us informed. It’s like a great friend and neighbor, one who’s always there and never lets you down—except radio will never borrow your weed whacker and forget to return it. Join in the worldwide events for World Radio Day on February 13 and find out how radio is still changing lives across the globe.

World Radio Day timeline

February 13, 2012

The first World Radio Day

The University of Pisa in Italy held an event for the first World Radio Day.

November, 2011

World Radio Day is born

World Radio Day is accepted by all Member States of UNESCO.

September 20, 2010

Spain proposes World Radio Day

Spain followed up on a request by the Spanish Radio Academy.


Guglielmo Marconi invents radio.

Maxwell proposed radio's possibility first, but Marconi invented the first practical radio device.

World Radio Day Activities

  1. Tune in to a World Radio Event directly

    There's events going on all over the world. This year the theme is Sports and Radio. In the USA, KOOP in Austin is celebrating. Their guests will share how they built communities through sporting events. Other topics include diversity in sports and peace and development through sports coverage.

  2. Hold a Radio Only party

    Yes! You can be the most imaginative person on the block by holding a Radio Only party. Invite your friends over and turn off the TV. Confiscate everyone's cell phone (that should be entertaining). Then spend the afternoon listening only to radio. Hey, at one time everybody did that. They loved it. You will be amazed at the variety of entertainment, news, and information available on radio alone.

  3. Listen to the original War Of The Worlds broadcast

    At one time radio was the only broadcast means for news and entertainment. Fictional dramas even played out on the radio. On October 30, 1938 CBS broadcast the drama "War of the Worlds." They intended it only slightly as a Halloween prank. Unfortunately, not everyone caught the part introducing the "fictional" drama. Many people believed Earth truly was being invaded by Martians. Chaos erupted in the streets of many cities. This was the power of radio. Celebrate by experiencing what was radio was like at the peak of its influence.

Why We Love World Radio Day

  1. Radio reaches everyone

    Radio has been with us longer than any other kind of broadcast media. That means more people have access to radio than anything else. Each year on World Radio Day, experts in the field join together to work out how to reach isolated communities. World Radio Day makes sure everybody, no matter how wealthy or remote, has access to information.

  2. Radio is free

    There's lots of ways to get news, information, and entertainment. If you're getting it from cable television or internet you had to pay for that. Not so with radio. You get radio free in your car, in a cafe, and even in elevators. World Radio Day ensures this coverage will continue with the best quality programming possible.

  3. World Radio Day is socially conscious

    Every year hundreds of events are held across the world. There's different themes every year but they always relate to something socially conscious. In 2015 the theme was, "Radio in Times of Emergency and Disaster." In 2014 the theme was "Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Radio." We aren't forgotten, folks. Radio still thinks we're important.

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