Celebration of Life Day

Celebration of Life Day - Wednesday, January 22, 2025

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Though Celebration of Life Day, which lands on January 22, was originally instituted to celebrate the children in our lives, it has come to signify all that’s good about being alive. It’s easy to forget sometimes, but we are all fortunate to be here. Take time to celebrate that the good far outweighs the bad in this life. It all starts with gratitude and appreciation for where you are right now, and wherever you hope your dreams take you. Every life is precious, individual, and a huge gift, so take a little extra time today to celebrate it.

You’ve heard of Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, but what about children’s day? You might be thinking something along the lines of “isn’t that every day?”, but the reality is that parents are always so busy and will rarely get the chance to sit down and enjoy a family day with their little ones. That’s what Celebration Of Life Day is all about–setting time aside to spend with your young ones.

Every now and then, it’s a good idea to take some time off so you can refocus yourself. It’s about stepping back and looking at your life from a different perspective so that you can appreciate everything that you have–including your kids! When you get away from the hustle and bustle of your job and finally get to settle down and reflect on your past with your kids, you’ll start to realize just how blessed you are to have children.

It’ll remind you how special your kids are and how far you’d be willing to go to protect them and ensure they can live a comfortable and stress-free life. Sure, you’re eventually going to let them roam free and become their own person, but even when they move out, it doesn’t break the bond that you have with your kids.

Celebration Of Life Day is all about looking at your children’s life and reminding yourself of all the things you should be proud of. Whether it was the pain of going through labor or the frustration of moving to a new home, there are plenty of challenges that you go through to have children.

There are many more challenges to face in the future, but for now, you can sit back and admire all of the hard work you’ve put into your child’s life up to this point and celebrate your accomplishments, but also spend some time reminiscing and bonding with your child.

With the busy lifestyles that parents have today, it’s hard to spend quality time together with your kids. It makes Celebration Of Life Day a perfect time of the year to book a few days off so that you can focus on your kids and make them your primary focus instead of your job.

History Of Celebration Of Life Day

Celebration of Life Day has its philosophical roots in the practice of gratitude, a tradition that goes back millennia. As you grow older, you realize that the very act of living is a challenge. People struggle through their lives, having to overcome hurdles placed in their way. Sometimes it feels like existence is little more than a problem-solving exercise. Eventually, people are worn out by life and long for a better one where they don’t have to endure such hardships. 

The philosophy of gratitude, however, tries to circumvent this. The idea is that we should all engage in a little thankfulness for what we do have instead of focusing on what is lacking in our lives. Even people in dire situations can find solace in simply being grateful for all the positives in their lives.

The history of gratitude has religious origins. Practically all major faiths emphasize its importance in keeping the mind healthy. Grateful people are often the most content with their lives, and the most willing to celebrate them. Research shows that they are less stressed, less depressed, and have more satisfying social relationships. 

Children are one of the things that people have to be most thankful for in their lives. They are a source of great joy and excitement. Being grateful for the new life you’ve brought in the world is a good practice, even if you sometimes feel like pulling out your hair. 

How to celebrate Celebration Of Life Day

Celebration Of Life Day is primarily about spending time with your children and connecting with them no matter how far or grown-up they are now. However, it’s also an opportunity for you to relax and reminisce about the simple joys that you don’t get to experience anymore as an adult. Whether it was the excitement of getting a new toy from your parents or the freedom of not having to worry about mortgages and taxes, it’s a chance to reflect on those small things in life that we rarely experience now.

Creating a list of all things you’re grateful for is one of the best ways to enjoy Celebration of Life Day. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant – just little things you take for granted in your ordinary life. Stuff like “having a roof over my head” and “being in good health” are all valuable items you might want to include. Try to meditate on all the reasons why living your life is a good thing. Snuff out the voices in your mind that try to bring you down. In the end, life should be a joy and having fun. The negatives ought not to get in the way. 

Another thing you can do is revisit some of the things you enjoyed when you were a child. Adults spend vast tracts of their lives doing “grown-up” things, like work, chores, finances, and networking. Sometimes, we forget why it is that we’re doing all those things in the first place. Ultimately, it isn’t for their own sake. It is so that we can free ourselves up for fun. 

Think about the activities you loved doing as a child and indulge with them on the day. Things like riding a bike, jumping rope, or playing video games can help you reminisce about different times. Having fun is something you do for its own sake. It lets you fully absorb yourself in the here and now, without continually worrying about the future. 

Finally, you can try indulging in your ideal day – whatever that means for you. It could be hiking up a mountain or sitting in front of the TV with a delicious pizza. 

History of Celebration of Life Day

Though Ronald Regan originally established the holiday to send an anti-abortion message, the Celebration of Life Day has come to be a day to celebrate both the lives of children and ourselves. Celebration of Life Day was originally called National Sanctity of Human Life Day and was proclaimed in January 1984 by Ronald Regan. At the time, President Regan chose to harken back to the landmark abortion case Roe v Wade by placing National Sanctity of Human Life Day on the 11-year anniversary of the decision on the case. 

Anti-abortion groups championed the holiday and felt that it expressed their sentiments on the importance of human life at all stages. This belief has been echoed in Donald Trump’s statement on the day from 2019. Organizations who champion the right to choose, like Planned Parenthood, denounced the day as a way of limiting women’s rights to autonomy over their bodies.

The history of National Sanctity of Human Life/Celebration of Life Day has been rocky. Though both Bush presidencies continued the holiday, it was discontinued for eight years under President Bill Clinton. Donald Trump has continued the holiday throughout his presidency, as well, and some churches have even marked it as a holy day on their calendars. The holiday routinely falls on a Sunday for this religious reason, although only in 2018 Donald Trump proclaimed it be celebrated on a Monday.

Today, many view the Celebration of Life Day as a day to spend extra time with their nieces, nephews, children, grandchildren, or even just kids they babysit. Every human life is precious, and today is the day to remind ourselves we are all lucky to be here and lead the lives we do. Despite our individual and group challenges, there is always good to be found and gratitude to be shown – and what better day to find the positive than Celebration of Life Day?

Celebration of Life Day timeline

January 22, 2018

But on a Monday?

For the first time, Celebration of Life Day was proclaimed to be on a Monday by Donald Trump, but in 2019 it returned to falling on Sunday.


Celebration Hiatus

During his eight years in office, Bill Clinton discontinued the National Sanctity of Human life holiday.

January 13, 1984

Celebration of Life Proclaimed

Ronald Regan issued a proclamation that January 22nd would be the National Sanctity of Human Life Day.

January 22, 1973

Roe v Wade

The landmark abortion case Roe v Wade wraps up in 1973, a date that would be used 11 years later by Ronald Regan to mark the National Sanctity of Human Life holiday.

Celebration of Life Day FAQs

Why are celebrations important in our life?

Celebrations are literally what National Today is all about.  We think they are important because life can have its ups and downs, but if we continue to celebrate the things that are important to us, then we continue to sample the things that make us happy.

Are there other National holidays honoring children?

Yes! Children’s Day falls on the second Sunday in June.

Where is the Celebration of Life Day observed?


The United States.

Are there any other holidays on January 22nd?

Yes! January 22nd is also National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day.

5 Delightful Facts About Life & Happiness

  1. Happiness helps boost your immune system

    Psychosomatic research found that happier people are less likely to catch the common cold!

  2. Grateful People Sleep Better

    Cultivate gratitude every day, not just for Celebration of Life Day - it’ll help you catch more zzz’s and get more out of each rest.

  3. Improve Self-Esteem with Gratitude

    Those who are more grateful for their lives are more likely to have better self-esteem than average and are also more likely to be able to be happy for other people.

  4. Color Your Feelings

    Colors like grey are often associated with anxiety and depression, while some studies found that colors like yellow actually increase feelings of happiness and satisfaction.

  5. Pain-Free

    Those who experience more positive emotions, like happiness or enthusiasm, have been shown to feel less pain throughout their lives.

How to Observe Celebration of Life Day

  1. Make a gratitude jar

    It’s important to keep remembering why life is so good after today ends, and a gratitude jar is a great tool! Write down 20 things you are grateful for in your life (your dog, the vacation you take every year to Mexico, your favorite cookie recipe) on folded slips of paper, and keep them in a cute mason jar. Next time life gets you down, your gratitude jar will pull you back into a celebratory mood.

  2. Get outside and play!

    What better way to appreciate your life than feeling the sun shining on your face? Getting outside and playing with your children or pets is a fantastic way to boost your endorphins and appreciate the world we live in. Nature is universally considered one of the most beautiful things in this life, so get out there and appreciate it!

  3. Indulge in a childhood favorite

    Treat. Yo. Self. Today’s the day to celebrate children, so celebrate the child within you. We recommend getting ice cream, a childhood favorite! Try to reconnect with your younger self and get in touch with who you’ve always been.

Why We Love Celebration of Life Day

  1. It’s a great time to reflect

    In our day-to-day lives, the little negatives can start to seem really big. Your commute sucks, your roommate is messy, your lunch was boring. Today offers a chance to get out of the negative rut that’s sucking you in, and appreciate all the good that happened in your childhood and in your current life. Reflecting on what it is you value in life helps you set goals and take your next steps, so today is a great day for planning!

  2. It helps us connect with family and our children

    Family and friends are some of the best parts of life, and definitely the best people to celebrate life with! Today is a perfect excuse to spend extra time with your children and appreciate them for all they are.

  3. It’s good for us!

    There are seemingly endless psychological and physical benefits of adopting a grateful and happy mindset. Not only will it lead you to a more fulfilled feeling in your life, but it can help alleviate physical pain, ward off mental illnesses like anxiety and depression, and even strengthen your immune system! Celebration of Life day is the perfect day to turn your outlook around.

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