National Inventors' Day

National Inventors' Day - Tuesday, February 11, 2025

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It’s February 11, and you know what that means! No? Well, it’s National Inventors’ Day, and we should all be celebrating! Without our inventors, where might we be? Humanity’s inventiveness is what sets us apart from every other species on this planet, and it’s through our inventions that we can see our own progress as a species. We’ve come a long way since the invention of the wheel, and that’s worth celebrating. Here’s to National Inventors’ Day.

National Inventors' Day Activities

  1. National Inventors Hall of Fame

    If you're in the Washington D.C. area, you've got to check out the National Inventors Hall of Fame. It's an awesome facility in our nation's capital meant to celebrate our greatest innovators through various exhibits and programs at its in-house museum

  2. Invent Something!

    Most inventions are created to solve a problem. What’s something that’s been bugging you? Invent something to solve it!

  3. Try Patenting Your Own Idea

    The patenting process can seem daunting, but it's actually surprisingly straightforward. After coming up with your own invention, try patenting it!

Why We Love National Inventors' Day

  1. It’s A Celebration Of Ingenuity

    Ingenuity is a special thing, and it's something we should foster. For every great inventor, there was a community of people behind them that helped to realize their vision. National Inventors' Day helps draw light to our inventors, and hopefully, we'll be able to encourage the next generation of inventors to be meet their fullest potential.

  2. It’s Multicultural

    Every country has inventors that they're proud of. As we enter an age of increased globalization, many of our latest inventions come from the greatest minds across different cultures, but looking at inventions of any given culture can be an interesting lens through which to view its history.

  3. It Encourages Learning

    The processes of inventing and learning might be distinct, but they're inseparable. A society that encourages their inventors encourages learning, which is something worth celebrating.

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