National Picnic Day

National Picnic Day - Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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We’re a month into spring. It’s time to get outside! Luckily, National Picnic Day has arrived on April 23.

Baskets and blankets seem to make everything taste better. Whether it’s a nighttime concert at Los Angeles’ famed Hollywood Bowl, or simply brunch at your local park, eating outdoors has a certain charm. Picnics work for a romantic dinner, or an all-out family (and friends) reunion.

They’re also fit for any budget. Go extravagant, or stop at simple sandwiches. Sometimes the food’s secondary to your surroundings. Find the perfect combination — and have fun!

(Pictured above: A picnic at New York City’s Brooklyn Bridge Park — looking across the East River into Lower Manhattan.)

National Picnic Day Activities

  1. Prepare early

    Go for the gingham tablecloth, wicker baskets, and most importantly, the handy plastic silverware. That way, when you're in the picnicking mood, it's all ready to go!

  2. Go fancy

    Head to a real campsite instead of your local neighborhood park. Bake a gourmet four-course meal instead of your regular PB&J sandwiches!

  3. Get active

    Work up your picnic appetite with anything from Frisbee golf to volleyball.

Why We Love National Picnic Day

  1. Friends, fun, and food

    Any activity that allows us to hang with our friends and loved ones is something worth doing. That's why picnics are so great! They allow us to combine our two favorite pastimes: friends and food.

  2. Surprise workday picnic

    It's easy to eat lunch at your desk every single day without fail. But picnics remind us that lunch is an exciting meal we shouldn't be taking for granted. So get away from your desk and give lunch the attention it deserves!

  3. Nostalgia

    Who introduced you to the joy of picnicking? Relive the glory days while introducing a new generation to picnics this National Picnic Day!

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