The Latest List of Holidays 2024

We Love Holidays! Here are 333 holidays in this year 2024. There are pretty of activities to go around. We are celebrating our tradition and culture that deserve their own special moment. Luckily, we have got a few specifically reasons to show our friends some extra love.

Date Holiday Tags
January 1 Wednesday
National Bloody Mary Day National Bloody Mary Day Food & BeverageCocktailsLiquor
National Hangover Day National Hangover Day Food & BeverageBeerBeverageLiquor
January 2 Thursday
National Buffet Day National Buffet Day Food & BeverageCookingFood
January 4 Saturday
National Spaghetti Day National Spaghetti Day Food & BeverageFoodItalian Food
January 5 Sunday
National Whipped Cream Day National Whipped Cream Day Food & BeverageDessertFood
January 6 Monday
National Bean Day National Bean Day Food & BeverageFood
January 11 Saturday
National Hot Toddy Day National Hot Toddy Day Food & BeverageCocktails
National Milk Day National Milk Day Food & BeverageBeverageHealthy Food
January 14 Tuesday
National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day Food & BeverageFood
January 15 Wednesday
National Bagel Day National Bagel Day Food & BeverageFood
January 16 Thursday
National Fig Newton Day National Fig Newton Day Food & BeverageFood
January 17 Friday
National Hot Buttered Rum Day National Hot Buttered Rum Day Food & BeverageBeverageCocktailsLiquor
January 19 Sunday
National Popcorn Day National Popcorn Day Food & BeverageFood
January 20 Monday
National Cheese Lover's Day National Cheese Lover's Day Food & BeverageCheeseFood
January 21 Tuesday
National Banana Bread Day National Banana Bread Day Food & BeverageDessert
January 22 Wednesday
National Blonde Brownie Day National Blonde Brownie Day Food & BeverageDessertFood
January 23 Thursday
National Pie Day National Pie Day Food & BeverageBakingDessertFood
January 24 Friday
National Beer Can Appreciation Day National Beer Can Appreciation Day Food & BeverageLiquor
National Green Juice Day National Green Juice Day Food & BeverageHealthHealthy Food
National Peanut Butter Day National Peanut Butter Day Food & BeverageFood
January 25 Saturday
National Irish Coffee Day National Irish Coffee Day Food & BeverageCocktailsIrish
January 26 Sunday
National Peanut Brittle Day National Peanut Brittle Day Food & BeverageCandyDessertFoodSweet Food
January 27 Monday
National Chocolate Cake Day National Chocolate Cake Day Food & BeverageChocolateDessertFoodNational Food Holidays
January 30 Thursday
National Croissant Day National Croissant Day Food & BeverageBakingFood
January 31 Friday
National Hot Chocolate Day National Hot Chocolate Day Food & BeverageChocolate
February 1 Saturday
National Dark Chocolate Day National Dark Chocolate Day Food & BeverageChocolateNational Food Holidays
National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day Food & BeverageDessertFood
February 2 Sunday
National Tater Tot Day National Tater Tot Day Food & BeverageFast Food
February 3 Monday
National Carrot Cake Day National Carrot Cake Day Food & BeverageDessertHealthy Food
February 5 Wednesday
National Chocolate Fondue Day National Chocolate Fondue Day Food & BeverageChocolateDessertFood
World Nutella Day World Nutella Day Food & BeverageChocolateDessertNutsPop Culture
February 6 Thursday
National Frozen Yogurt Day National Frozen Yogurt Day Food & BeverageDessertFood
February 7 Friday
National Fettuccine Alfredo Day National Fettuccine Alfredo Day Food & BeverageFoodItalian Food
February 9 Sunday
National Pizza Day National Pizza Day Food & BeverageFood
February 12 Wednesday
National Plum Pudding Day National Plum Pudding Day Food & BeverageBritish foodDessert
February 13 Thursday
National Tortellini Day National Tortellini Day Food & BeverageCookingFoodItalian Food
February 16 Sunday
National Almond Day National Almond Day Food & BeverageFood
February 18 Tuesday
National Drink Wine Day National Drink Wine Day Food & BeverageBeverageWine
February 20 Thursday
National Muffin Day National Muffin Day Food & BeverageBakingFood
February 21 Friday
National Sticky Bun Day National Sticky Bun Day Food & BeverageDessertFood
February 22 Saturday
National Margarita Day National Margarita Day Food & BeverageCocktailsLiquor
February 24 Monday
National Tortilla Chip Day National Tortilla Chip Day Food & BeverageFoodMexican food
February 25 Tuesday
National Clam Chowder Day National Clam Chowder Day Food & BeverageCookingFood
February 26 Wednesday
National Pistachio Day National Pistachio Day Food & BeverageFood
February 27 Thursday
National Chili Day National Chili Day Food & BeverageFoodSpicy Food
National Protein day National Protein day Food & BeverageHealthHealthy FoodPasta
February 28 Friday
National Chocolate Souffle Day National Chocolate Souffle Day Food & BeverageChocolateDessertFood
March 1 Saturday
National Peanut Butter Lover's Day National Peanut Butter Lover's Day Food & BeverageFood
March 2 Sunday
National Egg McMuffin Day National Egg McMuffin Day Food & BeverageBreakfastFast FoodFood
March 5 Wednesday
National Absinthe Day National Absinthe Day Food & BeverageLiquor
March 6 Thursday
National Frozen Food Day National Frozen Food Day Food & BeverageFood
March 7 Friday
National Cereal Day National Cereal Day Food & BeverageHealthy FoodPop Culture
March 9 Sunday
National Meatball Day National Meatball Day Food & BeverageFood
March 10 Monday
National Pack Your Lunch Day National Pack Your Lunch Day Food & BeverageFood
March 14 Friday
National Potato Chip Day National Potato Chip Day Food & BeverageFood
March 16 Sunday
National Artichoke Day National Artichoke Day Food & BeverageFood
National Corn Dog Day National Corn Dog Day Food & BeverageFood
March 19 Wednesday
National Poultry Day National Poultry Day Food & BeverageCookingFood
March 20 Thursday
National Ravioli Day National Ravioli Day Food & BeverageCookingFoodItalian FoodPasta
March 21 Friday
National French Bread Day National French Bread Day Food & BeverageFood
March 24 Monday
National Cheesesteak Day National Cheesesteak Day Food & BeverageFood
March 25 Tuesday
International Waffle Day International Waffle Day Food & BeverageDessertFood
March 26 Wednesday
National Spinach Day National Spinach Day Food & BeverageFoodHealthy Food
March 27 Thursday
National Spanish Paella Day National Spanish Paella Day Food & BeverageCookingEthnicFoodSpanish
April 2 Wednesday
National Burrito Day National Burrito Day Food & BeverageFoodMexicanMexican food
National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day Food & BeverageFood
April 5 Saturday
National Deep Dish Pizza Day National Deep Dish Pizza Day Food & BeverageCookingFood
April 6 Sunday
New Beer's Eve New Beer's Eve Food & BeverageActivitiesBeerBeverage
April 7 Monday
National Beer Day National Beer Day Food & BeverageBeerBeverage
April 8 Tuesday
National Empanada Day National Empanada Day Food & BeverageCookingCulturalEthnicFoodSpanish
April 12 Saturday
National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day Food & BeverageCheeseFood
April 13 Sunday
National Make Lunch Count Day National Make Lunch Count Day Food & BeverageFood
April 17 Thursday
National Cheese Ball Day National Cheese Ball Day Food & BeverageCheeseFood
April 19 Saturday
National Garlic Day National Garlic Day Food & BeverageFood
April 22 Tuesday
National Jelly Bean Day National Jelly Bean Day Food & BeverageCandyFood
April 23 Wednesday
National Picnic Day National Picnic Day Special InterestActivitiesBeverageFoodFriendship
April 24 Thursday
National Pigs in a Blanket Day National Pigs in a Blanket Day Food & BeverageActivitiesCookingFood
April 26 Saturday
National Pretzel Day National Pretzel Day Food & BeverageBakingFood
April 27 Sunday
National Prime Rib Day National Prime Rib Day Food & BeverageCookingFood
April 29 Tuesday
National Shrimp Scampi Day National Shrimp Scampi Day Food & BeverageCookingFood
April 30 Wednesday
National Bubble Tea Day National Bubble Tea Day Beveragetea
National Raisin Day National Raisin Day Food & BeverageFoodHealthy Food
May 5 Monday
National Hoagie Day National Hoagie Day Food & BeverageFoodItalian Food
May 6 Tuesday
International No Diet Day International No Diet Day Food & BeverageFoodLifestyleMental Health
National Beverage Day National Beverage Day BeverageDrinking
May 8 Thursday
National Have a Coke Day National Have a Coke Day Special InterestBeverageBrandFun
May 9 Friday
National Moscato Day National Moscato Day Food & BeverageBeverageLiquor
May 10 Saturday
National Shrimp Day National Shrimp Day Food & BeverageCookingFood
May 11 Sunday
National Eat What You Want Day National Eat What You Want Day Food & BeverageCookingFoodFun
May 13 Tuesday
International Hummus Day International Hummus Day Food & BeverageInternationalFoodHealthy FoodMediterranean FoodVegetable
National Apple Pie Day National Apple Pie Day Food & BeverageAmerican foodBakingDessertFoodSweet Food
National Fruit Cocktail Day National Fruit Cocktail Day Food & BeverageFoodFruitHealthHealthy Food
May 14 Wednesday
National Buttermilk Biscuit Day National Buttermilk Biscuit Day Food & BeverageAmerican foodBakingFood
May 15 Thursday
National Chocolate Chip Day National Chocolate Chip Day Food & BeverageChocolateFood
National Pizza Party Day National Pizza Party Day Food & BeverageActivitiesFoodFunPizza
May 16 Friday
National Mimosa Day National Mimosa Day Food & BeverageBeverageFruitLifestyleLiquor
May 17 Saturday
National Walnut Day National Walnut Day Food & BeverageFoodHealthy FoodNuts
May 19 Monday
National Devil's Food Cake Day National Devil's Food Cake Day Food & BeverageBakingDessertFoodSweet Food
May 23 Friday
National Taffy Day National Taffy Day Food & BeverageCandyDessertFoodFun
May 25 Sunday
National Wine Day National Wine Day Food & BeverageBeverageWine
May 28 Wednesday
National Brisket Day National Brisket Day Food & BeverageAmerican foodBBQFoodMeat
National Hamburger Day National Hamburger Day Food & BeverageAmerican foodComfort FoodFast FoodFoodMeat
May 30 Friday
National Mint Julep Day National Mint Julep Day Food & BeverageBeverageCocktailsLiquor
May 31 Saturday
National Macaroon Day National Macaroon Day Food & BeverageBakingDessertFoodSweet Food
June 1 Sunday
National Olive Day National Olive Day Food & BeverageFoodFruitHealthy Food
June 3 Tuesday
National Egg Day National Egg Day Food & BeverageBreakfastCookingFoodHealthHealthy Food
World Cider Day World Cider Day Food & BeverageBeverageLiquor
June 4 Wednesday
National Cheese Day National Cheese Day Food & BeverageCheeseFood
National Moonshine Day National Moonshine Day Food & BeverageBeverageCocktailsCulturalDrinkingLifestyleLiquor
June 5 Thursday
National Donut Day National Donut Day Food & BeverageDessertFoodFunSweet Food
June 7 Saturday
National Chocolate Ice Cream Day National Chocolate Ice Cream Day Food & BeverageChocolateDessertFoodIce Cream
June 9 Monday
International Dark 'n Stormy® Day International Dark 'n Stormy® Day Food & BeverageBeverageBrandLiquor
June 10 Tuesday
National Iced Tea Day National Iced Tea Day Food & BeverageBeverageHealthHealthy Food
June 11 Wednesday
National Corn on the Cob Day National Corn on the Cob Day Food & BeverageBBQCookingFoodVegetable
June 13 Friday
National Rosé Day National Rosé Day Food & BeverageBeverageDrinkingWine
June 14 Saturday
National Bourbon Day National Bourbon Day Food & BeverageBeverageCocktailsDrinkingLiquor
June 16 Monday
National Fudge Day National Fudge Day Food & BeverageChocolateDessertFoodSweet Food
June 17 Tuesday
National Eat Your Vegetables Day National Eat Your Vegetables Day Food & BeverageFoodHealthy FoodVegetable
June 18 Wednesday
International Sushi Day International Sushi Day Food & BeverageFoodHealthy FoodJapaneseJapanese Food
June 19 Thursday
National Martini Day National Martini Day Food & BeverageBeverageCocktailsDrinkingLiquor
June 21 Saturday
National Smoothie Day National Smoothie Day Food & BeverageFitnessFoodFruitHealthHealthy FoodLifestyleVegetable
June 22 Sunday
National Onion Ring Day National Onion Ring Day Food & BeverageAmerican foodFast FoodFoodFunVegetable
June 26 Thursday
National Chocolate Pudding Day National Chocolate Pudding Day Food & BeverageChocolateDessertFoodSweet Food
June 28 Saturday
National Tapioca Day National Tapioca Day Food & BeverageCookingFood
July 6 Sunday
National Fried Chicken Day National Fried Chicken Day Food & BeverageAmerican foodComfort FoodCookingFast FoodFood
July 7 Monday
National Strawberry Sundae Day National Strawberry Sundae Day Food & BeverageDessertFoodFruitIce CreamSweet Food
July 9 Wednesday
National Sugar Cookie Day National Sugar Cookie Day Food & BeverageBakingFoodSweet Food
July 10 Thursday
National Piña Colada Day National Piña Colada Day Food & BeverageActivitiesBeverageCocktailsDrinkingLiquor
July 11 Friday
National Mojito Day National Mojito Day BeverageDrinking
National Free Slurpee Day National Free Slurpee Day Special InterestActivitiesBeverageBrandFun
July 12 Saturday
National Eat Your Jello Day National Eat Your Jello Day Food & BeverageActivitiesBrandDessertFun
July 13 Sunday
National French Fry Day National French Fry Day Food & BeverageActivitiesAmerican foodComfort FoodFast FoodFoodVegetable
July 14 Monday
National Mac and Cheese Day National Mac and Cheese Day Food & BeverageActivitiesCheeseComfort FoodCookingFoodPasta
July 16 Wednesday
National Corn Fritter Day National Corn Fritter Day Food & BeverageActivitiesComfort FoodCookingFoodVegetable
July 18 Friday
National Caviar Day National Caviar Day Food & BeverageCookingFoodGourmet
July 19 Saturday
National Daiquiri Day National Daiquiri Day Food & BeverageBeverageCocktailsDrinkingLiquor
July 20 Sunday
National Lollipop Day National Lollipop Day Food & BeverageCandyFoodFunSweet Food
July 21 Monday
National Junk Food Day National Junk Food Day Food & BeverageActivitiesFast FoodFoodFun
July 22 Tuesday
National Hot Dog Day National Hot Dog Day Food & BeverageActivitiesAmerican foodBBQFast FoodFoodSummer
July 24 Thursday
National Drive-Thru Day National Drive-Thru Day Food & BeverageActivitiesAmerican foodFast FoodFoodFun
National Tequila Day National Tequila Day Food & BeverageBeverageCocktailsDrinkingLiquor
July 25 Thursday
National Hot Fudge Sundae Day National Hot Fudge Sundae Day Food & BeverageActivitiesChocolateDessertFoodIce CreamSweet Food
National Wine and Cheese Day National Wine and Cheese Day Food & BeverageCheeseCulturalFrenchLifestyleWine
July 26 Friday
National Coffee Milkshake Day National Coffee Milkshake Day Food & BeverageCoffeeDessertIce CreamSweet Food
July 27 Saturday
National Creme Brûlée Day National Creme Brûlée Day Food & BeverageDessertFrench
National Scotch Day National Scotch Day Food & BeverageBeverageCocktailsDrinkingLiquor
July 28 Sunday
National Milk Chocolate Day National Milk Chocolate Day Food & BeverageCandyChocolateDessertFoodSweet Food
July 29 Monday
National Chicken Wing Day National Chicken Wing Day Food & BeverageActivitiesAmerican foodBBQFast FoodFood
National Lasagna Day National Lasagna Day Food & BeverageCookingFoodItalian FoodPasta
July 30 Tuesday
National Cheesecake Day National Cheesecake Day Food & BeverageCheeseDessertFoodSweet Food
National Chili Dog Day National Chili Dog Day Food & BeverageActivitiesAmerican foodComfort FoodFast FoodFoodFun
July 31 Wednesday
National Avocado Day National Avocado Day Food & BeverageCookingFoodFruitHealthy Food
August 1 Thursday
National Mustard Day National Mustard Day Food & BeverageCookingFood
August 2 Friday
National Ice Cream Sandwich Day National Ice Cream Sandwich Day Food & BeverageDessertFood
August 3 Saturday
National Watermelon Day National Watermelon Day Food & BeverageFoodFruit
National White Wine Day National White Wine Day BeverageWine
Northern Territory Picnic Day Northern Territory Picnic Day Food & BeverageFamily Holidays
August 4 Sunday
National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day Food & BeverageChocolateDessertFoodNational Food Holidays
August 6 Tuesday
National Root Beer Float Day National Root Beer Float Day Food & BeverageAmericanCanadianDessertIce Cream
August 7 Wednesday
International Beer Day International Beer Day Food & BeverageBeerLiquor
August 16 Friday
National Rum Day National Rum Day Food & BeverageLiquor
August 18 Sunday
National Fajita Day National Fajita Day Food & BeverageFood
August 19 Monday
National Potato Day National Potato Day Food & BeverageFood
August 20 Tuesday
National Lemonade Day National Lemonade Day Food & BeverageLiquor
August 22 Thursday
World Plant Milk Day World Plant Milk Day Food & BeverageEnvironmentFoodHealthy Food
August 23 Friday
National Sponge Cake Day National Sponge Cake Day Food & BeverageDessertFood
August 24 Saturday
National Waffle Day National Waffle Day Food & BeverageFood
August 25 Sunday
National Banana Split Day National Banana Split Day Food & BeverageFood
August 28 Wednesday
National Red Wine Day National Red Wine Day Food & BeverageLiquor
August 29 Thursday
National Lemon Juice Day National Lemon Juice Day Food & BeverageFood
August 31 Saturday
National Trail Mix Day National Trail Mix Day Food & BeverageFood
September 2 Monday
World Coconut Day World Coconut Day Food & BeverageFood
September 5 Thursday
National Cheese Pizza Day National Cheese Pizza Day Food & BeverageCheeseCookingFood
September 7 Saturday
National Beer Lovers Day National Beer Lovers Day Food & BeverageBeerBeverage
September 9 Monday
National Wiener Schnitzel Day National Wiener Schnitzel Day Food & BeverageCookingCulturalFood
September 12 Thursday
National Chocolate Milkshake Day National Chocolate Milkshake Day BeverageChocolatemilkshake
September 13 Friday
National Peanut Day National Peanut Day Food & BeverageFood
September 15 Sunday
National Linguine Day National Linguine Day Food & BeverageFood
September 16 Monday
National Guacamole Day National Guacamole Day Food & BeverageFood
National Choose Your Chocolate Day National Choose Your Chocolate Day Food & Beverage
September 18 Wednesday
National Cheeseburger Day National Cheeseburger Day Food & BeverageCheeseFood
September 20 Friday
National Pepperoni Pizza Day National Pepperoni Pizza Day Food & BeverageFood
National Punch Day National Punch Day Food & BeverageFunBeverage
National Queso Day National Queso Day Food & BeverageCheese
September 22 Sunday
National Ice Cream Cone Day National Ice Cream Cone Day Food & BeverageFood
September 24 Tuesday
National Cherries Jubilee Day National Cherries Jubilee Day Food & BeverageDessertFood
September 25 Wednesday
German Sandwich Day German Sandwich Day Food & BeverageFoodGerman
National Cooking Day National Cooking Day Food & BeverageFood
National Lobster Day National Lobster Day Food & BeverageFood
World’s Biggest Coffee Morning World’s Biggest Coffee Morning CauseFood & BeveragecharityCoffeeHealth
September 26 Thursday
Better Breakfast Day Better Breakfast Day Food & BeverageBreakfastCookingFamilyFruitsHealthy FoodLifestyle
National Dumpling Day National Dumpling Day Food & BeverageCookingFood
National Pancake Day National Pancake Day Food & BeverageBreakfastFood
September 28 Saturday
National Drink Beer Day National Drink Beer Day Food & BeverageBeerBeverage
September 29 Sunday
National Coffee Day National Coffee Day Food & BeverageFoodLifestyle
October 1 Tuesday
International Coffee Day International Coffee Day Food & BeverageCookingDrinkingFood
National Homemade Cookies Day National Homemade Cookies Day Food & BeverageCookingDessertFood
World Vegetarian Day World Vegetarian Day Food & BeverageFoodHealth
October 4 Friday
​National Cinnamon Roll Day ​National Cinnamon Roll Day Food & BeverageBreakfast
National Crunchy Taco Day National Crunchy Taco Day Food & BeverageCookingFoodMexicanMexican food
National Taco Day National Taco Day Food & BeverageCookingFoodMexicanMexican food
National Vodka Day National Vodka Day Food & BeverageLiquor
October 6 Sunday
National Noodle Day National Noodle Day Food & BeverageCookingFood
October 7 Monday
​National Frappe Day ​National Frappe Day Food & BeverageFunnyPop Culture
October 8 Tuesday
National Fluffernutter Day National Fluffernutter Day Food & BeverageCookingFood
National Pierogi Day National Pierogi Day Food & BeverageCookingFood
October 10 Thursday
National Cake Decorating Day National Cake Decorating Day Food & BeverageBakingDessertFood
October 11 Friday
National Sausage Pizza Day National Sausage Pizza Day Food & BeverageCookingFood
October 12 Saturday
National Pulled Pork Day National Pulled Pork Day Food & BeverageCookingMeat
October 13 Sunday
National M&M Day National M&M Day Food & BeverageCandyChocolateDessertFestivitiesFunny
October 14 Monday
National Dessert Day National Dessert Day Food & BeverageDessertFood
October 15 Tuesday
National Cheese Curd Day National Cheese Curd Day Food & BeverageCheeseCooking
National Mushroom Day National Mushroom Day Food & BeverageHealthy Food
October 16 Wednesday
​National Liqueur Day ​National Liqueur Day Food & BeverageBeverageLiquor
October 17 Thursday
National Pasta Day National Pasta Day Food & BeverageCookingFoodItalian Food
Sweetest Day Sweetest Day Food & BeverageFoodFriendshipSweet Food
October 18 Friday
National Chocolate Cupcake Day National Chocolate Cupcake Day Food & BeverageChocolateFood
October 21 Monday
International Day of the Nacho International Day of the Nacho Food & BeverageCookingFoodMexicanMexican food
National Apple Day National Apple Day Food & BeverageFood
October 22 Tuesday
National Nut Day National Nut Day Food & BeverageFood
October 23 Wednesday
National Boston Cream Pie Day National Boston Cream Pie Day Food & BeverageFood
October 24 Thursday
National Bologna Day National Bologna Day Food & BeverageFood
October 25 Friday
National Greasy Foods Day National Greasy Foods Day Food & BeverageFood
World Pasta Day World Pasta Day Food & BeverageFoodItalian Food
October 26 Saturday
National Chicken Fried Steak Day National Chicken Fried Steak Day Food & BeverageCookingFood
National Pumpkin Day National Pumpkin Day Food & BeverageFood
October 27 Sunday
National American Beer Day National American Beer Day Food & BeverageBeerBeverage
October 28 Monday
National Chocolate Day National Chocolate Day Food & BeverageChocolateFoodNational Food Holidays
October 29 Tuesday
National Oatmeal Day National Oatmeal Day Food & BeverageHealthy Food
October 30 Wednesday
National Breadstick Day National Breadstick Day Food & BeverageBakingFood
October 31 Thursday
​National Caramel Apple Day ​National Caramel Apple Day Food & BeverageCandyFoodFruit
November 1 Friday
​National Calzone Day ​National Calzone Day Food & BeverageCookingFoodItalian Food
National Vinegar Day National Vinegar Day Food & BeverageCookingFood
November 2 Saturday
National Deviled Egg Day National Deviled Egg Day Food & BeverageCooking
November 3 Sunday
National Sandwich Day National Sandwich Day Food & BeverageFood
November 4 Monday
National Candy Day National Candy Day Food & BeverageCandyFood
November 5 Tuesday
National Hot Sauce Day National Hot Sauce Day Food & BeverageCookingFood
International Stout Day International Stout Day Food & BeverageInternationalBeerBeverage
November 6 Wednesday
National Nachos Day National Nachos Day Food & BeverageCookingFoodMexicanMexican food
November 7 Thursday
National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day Food & BeverageCandyChocolate
November 8 Friday
​National Cappuccino Day ​National Cappuccino Day Food & BeverageBeverageDessert
November 9 Saturday
National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day Food & BeverageCookingFood
November 10 Sunday
National Pupusa Day National Pupusa Day Food & BeverageCookingCulturalEthnicFood
National Vanilla Cupcake Day National Vanilla Cupcake Day Food & BeverageBakingDessertFood
November 11 Monday
National Sundae Day National Sundae Day Food & BeverageFood
November 14 Thursday
National Pickle Day National Pickle Day Food & BeverageFood
November 16 Saturday
National Fast Food Day National Fast Food Day Food & BeverageFast FoodFood
November 17 Sunday
National Baklava Day National Baklava Day Food & BeverageDessert
National Homemade Bread Day National Homemade Bread Day Food & BeverageCooking
November 21 Thursday
National Stuffing Day National Stuffing Day Food & BeverageCookingFood
November 23 Saturday
National Espresso Day National Espresso Day Food & BeverageBeverageBreakfast
November 25 Monday
DrinksGiving DrinksGiving Food & BeverageBeerBeverageFestivitiesLiquor
November 26 Tuesday
National Cake Day National Cake Day Food & BeverageBakingCulturalFestivitiesFood
November 28 Thursday
National French Toast Day National French Toast Day Food & BeverageFood
November 29 Friday
National Lemon Cream Pie Day National Lemon Cream Pie Day Food & BeverageFood
December 4 Wednesday
National Cookie Day National Cookie Day Food & BeverageDessertFood
December 5 Thursday
National Repeal Day National Repeal Day Food & BeverageLiquor
December 6 Friday
National Gazpacho Day National Gazpacho Day Food & BeverageCulturalFoodSpanish
December 7 Saturday
National Cotton Candy Day National Cotton Candy Day Food & BeverageCandyChildren
December 8 Sunday
National Brownie Day National Brownie Day Food & BeverageBakingDessertFood
December 9 Monday
National Pastry Day National Pastry Day Food & BeverageBakingDessertFood
December 10 Tuesday
National Lager Day National Lager Day Food & BeverageLiquor
December 13 Friday
National Ice Cream Day National Ice Cream Day Food & BeverageDessertFood
December 14 Saturday
National Bouillabaisse Day National Bouillabaisse Day Food & BeverageCookingCulturalFrench
December 15 Sunday
National Cupcake Day National Cupcake Day Food & BeverageFoodSweet Food
December 16 Monday
National Chocolate Covered Anything Day National Chocolate Covered Anything Day Food & BeverageChocolateCrazyDessertFood
December 17 Tuesday
National Maple Syrup Day National Maple Syrup Day Food & BeverageFoodSweet Food
December 19 Thursday
National Hard Candy Day National Hard Candy Day Food & BeverageCandyFood
December 20 Friday
National Sangria Day National Sangria Day Food & BeverageBeverageLiquor
December 21 Saturday
National Coquito Day National Coquito Day Food & BeverageBeverageCulturalLiquor
December 22 Sunday
National Cookie Exchange Day National Cookie Exchange Day Food & BeverageBakingFood
December 26 Thursday
National Candy Cane Day National Candy Cane Day Food & BeverageCandyChildren
December 27 Friday
National Fruitcake Day National Fruitcake Day Food & BeverageBakingFood
December 28 Saturday
National Chocolate Candy Day National Chocolate Candy Day Food & BeverageCandyChocolate
December 30 Monday
National Bacon Day National Bacon Day Food & BeverageCookingFood
January 1 Wednesday
National Hot Tea Month National Hot Tea Month Food & BeverageBeverageHealthy FoodWinter
National Oatmeal Month National Oatmeal Month Food & BeverageFoodHealthHealthy Food
National Slow Cooking Month National Slow Cooking Month Food & BeverageCookingFood
National Soup Month National Soup Month Food & BeverageActivitiesCookingFood
February 1 Saturday
Canned Food Month Canned Food Month CauseFood & BeverageFood
Great American Pie Month Great American Pie Month Food & BeverageDessertFood
National Bake For Family Fun Month National Bake For Family Fun Month FamilyFood & BeverageActivitiesCookingFood
National Cherry Month National Cherry Month Food & BeverageFoodFruit
National Grapefruit Month National Grapefruit Month Food & BeverageFoodHealthy Food
National Hot Breakfast Month National Hot Breakfast Month Food & BeverageCookingFood
National Macadamia Nut Month National Macadamia Nut Month Food & BeverageFood
National Snack Food Month National Snack Food Month Food & BeverageFast FoodFoodSweet Food
March 1 Saturday
National Caffeine Awareness Month National Caffeine Awareness Month HealthAwarenessBeverageEducationalMental Health
National Celery Month National Celery Month Food & BeverageFoodHealthy Food
National Flour Month National Flour Month Food & BeverageCookingFood
National Frozen Food Month National Frozen Food Month Food & BeverageCookingFood
National Noodle Month National Noodle Month Food & BeverageChinese foodCookingItalian Food
National Nutrition Month National Nutrition Month Food & BeverageEducationalHealthHealthy Food
National Peanut Month National Peanut Month Food & BeverageFarmingFood
National Sauce Month National Sauce Month Food & BeverageCookingFood
April 1 Tuesday
National Pecan Month National Pecan Month Food & BeverageNuts
National Soft Pretzel Month National Soft Pretzel Month Food & BeverageCatholic
National Soy Foods Month National Soy Foods Month Food & BeverageChinese foodHealthy Food
May 1 Thursday
National Barbecue Month National Barbecue Month Food & BeverageCookingParty
National Egg Month National Egg Month Food & BeverageBreakfastFoodHealth
National Hamburger Month National Hamburger Month Food & BeverageAmerican foodCulturalMeat
National Mediterranean Diet Month National Mediterranean Diet Month CulturalFood & BeverageHealthHealthy FoodLifestyle
National Salad Month National Salad Month Food & BeverageFoodHealthHealthy FoodLifestyle
National Salsa Month National Salsa Month CulturalFood & BeverageFoodSpicy Food
National Strawberry Month National Strawberry Month Food & BeverageFruitHealthy Food
June 1 Sunday
National Soul Food Month National Soul Food Month Food & BeverageCookingCulturalFamilyFoodHistorical
National Candy Month National Candy Month Food & BeverageCandyDessertFunSweet Food
National Country Cooking Month National Country Cooking Month Food & BeverageActivitiesAmerican foodCookingCulturalFamilyFood
National Dairy Month National Dairy Month Food & BeverageAmerican foodFarmingFood
National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month Food & BeverageFruitHealthHealthy FoodVegetable
Turkey Lovers Month Turkey Lovers Month Food & BeverageAmerican foodBBQCookingFoodHealthy Food
July 1 Monday
National Ice Cream Month National Ice Cream Month Food & BeverageDessertFunIce CreamSummerSweet Food
September 1 Sunday
Better Breakfast Month Better Breakfast Month Food & BeverageCookingHealthy FoodLifestyle
National Chicken Month National Chicken Month Food & BeverageCookingFood
National Honey Month National Honey Month Food & BeverageFoodSweet Food
National Papaya Month National Papaya Month Food & BeverageFoodFruit
National Waffle Week National Waffle Week Food & BeverageBreakfastDessertFoodSweet Food
October 1 Tuesday
American Cheese Month American Cheese Month Food & BeverageCookingFood
National Caramel Month National Caramel Month Food & BeverageDessertFood
National Chili Month National Chili Month Food & BeverageCookingFood
National Dessert Month National Dessert Month Food & BeverageCookingDessertFood
National Pasta Month National Pasta Month Food & BeverageCookingFoodPasta
National Pescatarian Month National Pescatarian Month CulturalFood & BeverageHealthSpecial InterestHealth and WellnessNutritionSustainability
National Pickled Peppers Month National Pickled Peppers Month Food & BeverageCookingFood
National Pizza Month National Pizza Month Food & BeverageCookingFoodPizza
National Pretzel Month National Pretzel Month Food & BeverageCookingFood
National Sausage Month National Sausage Month Food & BeverageCookingFood
Vegetarian Month Vegetarian Month Food & BeverageHealthy FoodMeat
November 1 Friday
Banana Pudding Lovers Month Banana Pudding Lovers Month Food & BeverageCookingDessertFoodFruitSweet Food
National Fun with Fondue Month National Fun with Fondue Month Food & BeverageCheeseCookingFood
National Peanut Butter Lovers Month National Peanut Butter Lovers Month Food & BeverageFoodPeanutSweet Food
National Pepper Month National Pepper Month Food & BeverageCookingFood
November 12 Tuesday
National Split Pea Soup Week National Split Pea Soup Week Food & BeverageCookingFood