First there was the telephone, then the fax machine, and then social media — a revolutionary way of communicating. Since its creation, people have been able to connect with each other like never before. Friends and family can connect at any moment, and marketers have been able to reach consumers in an entirely new fashion. In fact, people use social media for an average of 144 minutes every single day. Because of its impact on society over the years, World Social Media Day was born on June 30, and it has continued to grow in popularity ever since.

Social Media Day was launched by the popular website Mashable back in 2010, and often sees fans of the site going to real-life meetups.

Learn about Social Media Day

Social media seems to be everywhere these days. Though the days of social media pioneer Myspace are now long gone, we’re constantly hearing about trending topics on Twitter, laughing at social media fails and many people are obsessive about keeping up with their Facebook news feed. Even if Facebook and Twitter aren’t for you, there’s still blogging, Vine, Snapchat, and even LinkedIn, among many others. Even businesses have recognized the value of social media for connecting with customers and selling their product, as well as quickly updating users about problems affecting their service.

Social media has become a major factor in the world. For many of us, it is how we keep up with what our friends are up to, even if they’re on the other side of the planet. It has also played a big part in world events. Twitter was used to organise protests and report on events during the Arab Spring, for example. On a more shallow note, Twitter is a great way to keep up with what your favorite celebrities are up to – as long as they don’t just use it to Instagram pictures of their lunch!

If we’re honest, most of us use social media for less than upright purposes ourselves. We use it to show off our holidays and what adventures we have planned for the weekend. Almost everyone presents an idealised version of themselves on social media, whether by detagging unflattering photos or implying their life is more exciting and glamorous than it really is. Never compare yourself negatively to your friends on social media as you’re only seeing what they want you to see!

There are lots of reasons to love Social Media Day. One of our favorite things about social media is that it is ripe for discovery. It gives everyone the ability to have a voice. They can document their daily activities, share their opinions, and showcase their talents. Up-and-coming entertainers have often found stardom through social media. Just look at Justin Bieber; he was touted via YouTube. Social media opens up a world of possibilities for people, and that is something very exciting! It is also a great place for people to find out news and information. A lot of people will turn to Twitter for the latest updates, rather than heading to news websites, as used to be the case. 

History of Social Media Day

Social Media Day has been taking place since the 30th of June in 2010. It was created by Mashable as a way of recognizing the impact that social media has had on communications around the world, as well as bringing people together to celebrate. Social media is used by most people on a daily basis. It enables us to communicate with our friends and family in a quick and convenient way. There are a lot of people who also use social media as a business, such as social media influencers. They make money by sharing content with their followers. It is crazy to think about the role that social media plays in society today.

Because of this, Mashable decided that it would be a good idea to create a day to honor social media. For those who are unaware, Mashable is a worldwide entertainment and multi-platform media business. They are known for using social media as part of their operations. They are also known for their awards – the Mashable Awards – which recognize the best online services and communities. The company was established in 2005 by Pete Cashmore and it is headquartered in New York. 

How to celebrate Social Media Day

So how best to celebrate Social Media Day? The answer is obvious! Let your networks know and spread the knowledge. Start a hashtag, upload a photo, update your status. You certainly won’t be alone as social media is still spreading like wildfire all over the world. Whatever you do, wherever you are, don’t forget to celebrate #socialmediaday!

Another way to celebrate Social Media Day is to try out some new platforms. There are many different platforms out there that are simply waiting to be discovered. TikTok has taken over in recent times. If you are yet to make a TikTok video, now is the perfect opportunity for you to do so! You may think that you have tried all of the social media platforms out there, but there are literally hundreds of them, and so there are bound to be plenty that you have not explored yet. Give them a try. You never know; you may end up with a new favorite!

You could also celebrate Social Media Day by trying to create a post that goes viral. A lot of people have created videos and social media posts that have gone viral without them even intending to do so. If you want to be social media famous, see if you can come up with some creative and exciting ideas for this day. 

On the flip side, if you’re a bit social media obsessed already, you could use Social Media Day to have a day off! 

History of Social Media Day

World Social Media Day was launched by Mashable on June 30, 2010. It was born as a way to recognize social media’s impact on global communication and to bring the world together to celebrate it. Everyone uses social media everyday; it’s how we connect with people all over the world in a simple and fast way. Mashable is known to use social media to connect various cultures, movements, and fandoms, which is why they wanted a day to celebrate it. People use the hashtag, #SMDay every year, and this year is your time to get involved!

The first social media platform ever to be launched was Sixdegrees in 1997. Founded by Andrew Weinreich, the website allowed users to list friends and family members and had features such as profiles, bulletin boards, and school affiliations. At its peak, Sixdegrees had over a million users but it was eventually shut down in 2001.

The first modern social media platform was Friendster in 2002. The website allowed people to safely make new friends and has over a hundred million users, most of whom are in Asia. LinkedIn, the first business-focused social media platform was launched in 2003. MySpace launched in 2004, the same year as Facebook, but initially, it saw much greater success than Mark Zuckerberg’s creation. By 2006 MySpace was the largest social media platform in the world, with users loving the customized profiles that also enabled them to post their music.

YouTube launched its website dedicated to video in 2005 and Twitter followed with its limited characters platform in 2006. As both grew in popularity, so did Facebook, and the most popular social media platforms for the next five years were being established.

Instagram launched in 2010 and saw rapid growth, gaining over a million users within the first couple of months. With Instagram challenging their dominance, Facebook purchased the platform for $1 billion in 2012. Facebook also purchased the encrypted messaging platform WhatsApp for $16 billion in 2014. One platform that Facebook failed to buy was Snapchat. Snapchat, which became popular due to its disappearing stories feature, was launched in 2011 and reportedly turned down a $3 billion offer from Facebook in 2013. The most recent addition to the list of social media heavyweights is TikTok. The app was launched in 2016 and has become incredibly popular due to its extensive music and video editing features.

As social media has evolved and grown in popularity, so has the scrutiny that the platforms come under. With controversies surrounding their use of data, hate speech, impact on mental health, election results, and fake news, the platforms are under more pressure than ever to be transparent with what goes on behind the scenes.

Social media has become a way to instantly connect, often with friends and family, but also with complete strangers. It has become a huge source of news, shopping, and general entertainment. Social media day is for us to enjoy the positives that these platforms have brought into our lives, and maybe like or share a photo or two.

Social Media Day timeline


YouTube is created and launched

Born in San Mateo, California, becoming the most popular platform to share video content.


Facebook is live to the world

Created in Cambridge, Massachusetts, it was founded by Mark Zuckerburg.


The first social network is created

Six Degrees was the first ever social network, where users could create profiles, upload photos, and connect with others for the first time.


The birth of the first super computer

Scientists and engineers were interested in building new ways to network, which would eventually lead to the birth of the internet as we know now.

World Social Media Day Traditions

There’s one main tradition that is observed on World Social Media Day and that is, of course, posting about it on social media. Who’d have thought it? Many people upload photos or stories that reflect the role that social media has played in their lives. Others choose to repost their favorite uploads from the past and generally it is a chance for people to share some love online.

Many websites use World Social Media Day as an opportunity to compile lists of some of their favorite social media moments. If you have a spare 20 minutes or so it is well worth your time to find some of these lists and enjoy some of the funniest, most viral social media posts knocking around.

Social Media Day FAQs

Who created social media?

The rise of social media began with the creation of the first social platform: Six Degrees, which was created by Andrew Weinreich.

How many people use social media?

At this very moment, there are over three billion active social media users worldwide.

What is the most popular social media platform?

To this day, Facebook still has the most amount of users compared to any other platform.

5 Facts About Social Media

  1. 300 hours every minute

    Over 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and the average person watches 40 minutes a day!

  2. Small and medium businesses

    81% of small and medium businesses use at least one social platform to stay connected with their customers.

  3. Food-stagram

    Pizza is the most popular instagrammed food followed by sushi and steak! Yum.

  4. Eggscellent

    The highest-liked photo on Instagram is a picture of an egg, uploaded by world_record_egg as a way to beat the record of the photo with the most likes.

  5. Quick fingers

    There are 500 million tweets sent each day — that’s 6,000 tweets every second.

World Social Day by the numbers

3.5 billion – The number of people using social media.

68% – The proportion of U.S adults who use Facebook.

3 hours – Time spent by your average person each day on social media or messaging

500 million – People using Instagram Stories each day

60 Billion – WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger messages sent each day.

35 Minutes – The average user spends on Facebook each day.

270 Million – The estimated number of fake Facebook profiles.

707 – Number of followers the average Twitter user has.

300 hours – Video footage uploaded to YouTube every minute.

95 million – Photos uploaded to Instagram each day.

Social Media Day Activities

  1. Post, post, post!

    Social media is only as good as the posts on it, so use this occasion to add your voice to the party! Post a selfie, a Tweet, or go live on Instagram or Facebook.

  2. Try new platforms

    There are so many social media sites out there waiting for you to discover them. Before you know it, you could be making TikTok videos, sharing your greatest travel adventures on Instagram, or joining in fun trending topics on Twitter. Give some platforms a try and see if you like them.

  3. Take it offline

    Social media can bring people together, but sometimes it's most special when your Internet friends become your IRL friends. In honor of Social Media Day, hang out with a friend you usually just talk to on social media out in the real world! Go on a walk, get a drink, or catch a flick. Just don't forget to take a pic to put on social media after!

Why We Love Social Media Day

  1. It's entertaining

    Social Media is flat-out entertaining because it lets you follow the things you're interested in the most. Whether you like cat videos or cookies, the inner lives of parents or the day-to-day lives of journalists, this is the place for you. Search millions of videos and posts using hashtags to see what users have posted around the world. Or create your own content. Imagine social media as the production team to your own show. Press record and let the good times roll.

  2. It's accessible

    With social media, there are no limits to who you can connect with. Your favorite stars, life coaches, or even your managers can be contacted via a direct message. This gives you the opportunity to reach out to anyone and make a connection.

  3. It's ripe for discovery

    The amazing thing about social media is it gives everyone a platform to showcase their talents, voice their opinions, or document their daily activities. Up-and-coming entertainers have the ability to show the world what they're made of without going through the Hollywood struggles of trying to get their big break. With a simple click of a button, users have leveraged platforms like Vine (RIP), Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to help kick off their careers.

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