Supernatural Day

Supernatural Day - Friday, September 13, 2024

In 2005 the TV network known as ‘The WB’ aired the first season of Supernatural, showing the adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester as they began their journey to discover what killed their mother, and where their father disappeared to. For Supernatural fans, it also began an obsession that would know no end as they fell in love with the characters and suffered with them through the trials they’ve faced on the Road So Far. Supernatural Day is dedicated to bringing those fans together to celebrate the Winchesters and their love of the Supernatural Verse.

History of Supernatural Day

Supernatural has a history that goes back much further than the show itself and was born Eric Kripke, its creator, and his obsession with urban legends. Initially, he had intended to present the idea of Supernatural as a movie, and the fans couldn’t be happier that that wasn’t the road he took. Instead, he presented it as a series for years before someone finally took an interest. This is probably for the best for fans, especially since the original concepts included both an anthology series of disconnected stories and a group of tabloid reporters fighting demons in search of the truth from the back of a van.

I think we all can agree that Sam and Dean and their incredible car is a far better version, and it was well worth waiting for. It fits his original idea perfectly, that of a ‘road trip story’, a uniquely American concept that involved crossing the country going from small town to small town. Amusingly it was the brother angle that ultimately sold the show, the idea of the reporters just left The WB executives unimpressed.

How to Celebrate Supernatural Day

The best way to celebrate Supernatural Day is to sit down with a group of your closest fans and start a marathon to see your way through the 12 seasons. We might suggest you give yourself a few days to get through it, it’s a heck of a ride and the road so far has been a long one. Remember to bring your container of salt!

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