Thunderbirds Day

Thunderbirds Day - Monday, September 30, 2024

Thunderbirds Are Go! Yes, we all know and love the Thunderbirds, from the groundbreaking puppet work to the stunning backdrop designs of Gerry Anderson. Perhaps most of all, we love the selfless heroism and team-oriented bravery of International Rescue. Now, we can all relive our favorite moments and focus on what made and continues to make, the Thunderbirds such a beloved institution thanks to Thunderbirds Day.

Generations of fans have fallen in love with the Thunderbirds. The show began over 50 years ago and the most recent rebirth of the show occurred in 2015 and continues to this day. Thunderbirds Day aims to bring all those people together to celebrate the legacy and continuation of the show.

Fans all over the world come together on one day of the year to celebrate what the Thunderbirds have to offer. The show is a truly international phenomenon; Thunderbirds Are Go, the new version of the show, is broadcast in over 40 countries, while the original was shown in 66.

That’s why Thunderbirds Day is thriving in the digital era as people from all over the world come together online to discuss, share and celebrate their love of this pioneering sci-fi series.

History of Thunderbirds Day

Thunderbirds Day takes place on the date when the original Thunderbirds made its debut on British TV. It’s obviously an important date for all Thunderbirds enthusiasts and it means a lot to the people who want to recall the legacy of the show and what it means today.

The first episode was aired back in 1965 and it has reached all corners of the globe in that time. The values of bravery, selflessness and teamwork resonate with successive generations and that’s something that doesn’t show any sign of stopping thanks to the success of Thunderbirds Are Go. More people join together to celebrate the show on Thunderbirds Day with each passing year.

How to Celebrate Thunderbirds Day

So, how should you go about celebrating Thunderbirds Day? There are lots of things that happen in various parts of the world and you can find out what’s happening in your local area by heading to Activities and fan meetings will be displayed there.

You can also download activities to complete in your home, which is a great way for families to celebrate Thunderbirds Day and display their love of the show together. It shows that there are both big and small ways to enjoy Thunderbirds Day with those around you.

Some people simply decide to rewatch their favorite Thunderbirds episodes, and you can even dress up as your favorite Tracy Island inhabitants as you do so. It can be a great way to get into the spirit of Thunderbirds Day.

You can head to @ThunderbirdsHQ on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube if you want to get involved with Thunderbirds Day on social media and join in the fun with fellow fans of the show.

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