International Podcast Day

International Podcast Day - Monday, September 30, 2024

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Radio is so twentieth-century. The world has long moved on from the world of radio and into the world of podcasting. A forced marriage between “iPod” and “broadcasting” lead to the creation of the word, and while the iPod has long gone extinct, its namesake form of media is here to stay. Podcasts have fundamentally changed the way people consume audio, and for that reason, we celebrate on September 30: here’s to International Podcast Day!

The internet has changed almost everything it’s touched since it came into existence, and how we send and receive information, from written to video, has been one of the mediums most changed. Even radio has not been immune to this, with streaming radio being increasingly popular, and ‘local radio’ taking on a whole new meaning. Out of this shifting of paradigms has come a new imagining of an old idea, radio broadcasts and most specifically radio talk shows/dramas. International Podcast Day celebrates this innovation and all the wonderful things that have come from it.

History of International Podcast Day

Let’s start off with explaining what a podcast is, shall we? A podcast is essentially a serialized show that is very much like a radio show. It’s released in a downloadable or streamable format through various sites, and apps, available anywhere you have internet access. There are thousands or even millions of available podcasts in every conceivable genre, with more showing up with every passing day, and unlike radio broadcasts, they can be accessed by anyone, anywhere. Podcasts tend to have a smaller following than most big radio stations, but its worth mentioning that the podcasts themselves are very targetted to a specific audience.

You want a horror podcast? You can enjoy things like “The Black Tapes” or “Tanis”, there are science fiction broadcasts, Zombie broadcasts (“We’re alive!” is a personal favorite of ours), even broadcasts talking about mythology (“Lore”). There are podcasts for everything you can imagine, gardening, car repair, hunting, computer programming, and just plain news on recent events and goings on. That’s the glory of the podcast, the ability to create content targeting a specific interest group. There’s even a significant amount of money to be made, popular broadcasts are often able to pair with companies like Audible to get paid advertising done on their show.

How to celebrate International Podcast Day

International Podcast Day is your opportunity to reach into the great big world of podcasts and see what they have to offer. Dig around and find your favorite genres from movies, radio, and TV, and you’ll find something in the podcast community that fits your interest. There’s just no limit, and if you find that you enjoy what you’re listening to and get a creative bug, then you can even jump into the great big world of podcasting and start one of your very own! Who knows, you could be the next big name on the web!

International Podcast Day Activities

  1. Find a new podcast

    With apps like Pocket Cast (for Android) and Downcast (for iOS), it's never been easier to find an interesting podcast. Browse by category, or by popularity, and you're bound to find at least a dozen that you'll have a hard time turning off.

  2. Create your own

    You can create your very own podcast, and you've likely already got the tools you need to get started. Between your mobile phone and your computer, you've likely got a microphone, and some app like Garageband or Audacity. Recording the podcast is the easy part — the real challenge comes when you're trying to pick a topic worth listening to!

  3. Donate to your favorite producer

    Many of the most popular podcasts survive on minimal ad revenue, and donations "from viewers like you." As much as even hearing those words can put one to sleep, they're there for a reason! Consider throwing a few dollars toward your favorite podcasts so that they can keep on broadcasting.

Why We Love International Podcast Day

  1. Get your kicks for cheap

    If you're into podcasts, here's some good news: they're almost always free, or really cheap. You'll have to put up with an ad or two throughout your programming, but they're not long and obtrusive like the ones we've come to expect on television. If you've got a device with an audio output and an internet connection, you can listen to podcasts: it's that easy.

  2. Binge heaven

    If you've only recently discovered podcasts, this one's for you. Unlike your favorite radio shows of yesteryear, that new podcast you discovered likely has an easily-accessed library of every episode they've ever aired. Be careful, though — the fact that you need to sit still and watch a screen is what keeps your Netflix-binging in check. With podcasts, you can listen to them anywhere, so it's easy to get through a dozen episodes and wonder where your day went.

  3. They allow for serialized storytelling

    While we all have a special place in our hearts for shows like The Wonder Years or Happy Days, episodes were generally self-contained short stories, without much room for depth. Many podcasts take their cues from the current television trend of having story arcs that span multiple episodes or seasons. Check out NPR's Serial for a listening experience you won't be able to let go of.

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