Dog Training Education Month

Dog Training Education Month - February 2025

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We all know someone with a dog that barks incessantly, climbs on furniture, and fights with other dogs — and that dog isn’t nearly as fun to be around as other dogs. Dog training can be expensive, time intensive and parallel to parenting when you aren’t quite ready to become a parent. Dog training isn’t solely for good dog behavior, but essential to a long lasting, healthy relationship with your furry friend. From training collars to training camps, we’ve put together a brief page of where to get started with your dog training this month. 

Dog Training Education Month timeline


Training Dogs the Woodhouse Way

British television star, Barbara Woodhouse, was the first to launch a television series on dog training back in 1980 on BBC.


The Complete Book of Dog Obedience Published

Saunders and Helene Whitehouse Walker are the originators of AKC Obedience trials.


Dog Training Club Established

Hans Tosutti founded the New England Dog Training Club in Boston

Dog Training Education Month Activities

  1. Go to a dog training class

    Find a dog training class or activity in your city. Training a dog alone sounds exhausting - don't do it alone!

  2. Teach your dog a new skill

    In lieu of the 'training' part of this month, see how well your dog is trained by teaching a new trick or skill. Maybe you'll learn something new about your pup - what it likes or doesn't like.

  3. Check out a new dog park.

    Go to a new dog park around town and let your pup off the leash. Most dog parks don't require a leash as long as they are within the gated vicinity, and it's a great spot to let your dog run around while you catch up on emails or read a new book. It's a win- win!

Why We Love Dog Training Education Month

  1. Let dogs be dogs

    The outdoors is a great place to let dogs act like puppies and for puppies to well, just be puppies. Dog parks, certain hikes, and open spaces are great for dogs without leashes.

  2. Doggy wants a treat

    Teach your furry friend a new trick to flaunt to the rest of the dogs in your hood. Treats can help with dog trick training - and what dog doesn't want a treat?

  3. A friendly dog is a good dog

    The only thing worse than a poorly trained dog running around, is the number of them that end up in the pound for bad behavior. Investing the time to properly train your dog, is investing time into a 'good' dog long term.

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